These Life Reminders To Get Back On Track. #3

Nirmit Shah
Sep 15, 2019   •  1652 views

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Many times we lose our mind and track where these things, aspects, and situations remind us that “Knowing is not enough” instead of it, experiencing is where you win the game.

I’m pretty sure you’ll say “this article series has nothing new”, but it’ll remind you about who you really are.

In this article, we'll know about reminders of life which are:

  1. Nails

  2. Bus

Reducing Ego By Nails

Image result for cutting nails

Ego is like a nail ( Source : AboutIslam)

A few months back, my friend has shared me a write-up on “nails”, this is what it has reminded me to discuss upon this as well.

So let me ask you about your nails.

How often do you cut them via a tiny nail-cutter? Yes, We all cut our nails once a week or once in 14 days. Did you ever observe this thing?

Why do we need to cut those? Mostly, we all know that it’s the natural growth, so to maintain outside, it’s necessary to remove it down. That also allows us to feel, act free.

It’s the same concept lies to our ego.

Ego is like a nail where we always need a nail-cutter regularly if we wish to remove it.

We miss understanding deeply that ego is a natural behavior, this is why we need to reduce it down or cut it down, regularly.

As we already know that cutting down helps a lot.

Like, cleaning room is a reminder (that is discussed in #2 part) to work upon our criminal mindset with full of excuses, blame and revenge state regularly, nails are also a fine reminder to act upon our ego.

Once a wise person said, “I am also an egoistic person.”

Own your Journey by a Bus

Whenever we grab a bus, it's always for our journey. Moreover, our destination isn't it?! We don't even care about the crowd or number of people grabbing the same bus.

Related image

Lessons From Bus ( Source : halifaxtoday)

And if they grab it, we are sure of our own journey and we never compare. This is as simple as that.

Bus reminds us not to chase the people after their journey or destination.

We own our race. No matter how many people are there in our field. In our stream. We know our vision only. We can do better execution of our ideas.

Further, 3 aspects also teach a lot in a bus.

While you enter any local bus there are 3 cases:

1) There are sufficient seats to sit

2) There is not a single seat to sit

3) There is only one seat to sit

This teaches us about clarity in life. How?

Image result for clarity

Bus teaches about clarity ( Source : sandler)

In the first case, there are several seats in the bus so that you can choose the better place to sit.

In the second one, there are no seats available. Thus, there is no point in sitting yet to stand only.

Now in the third case, there is only one seat available in the whole bus. It's like - out of 50 seats, after including you, all the seats are full.

The availability of seats in the bus teaches us about clarity in life.

Say, in both 2nd and 3rd cases, there is nothing to decide or think upon too much that where to sit. Either there is an option to sit (considering 3rd case) or there is no option to sit (considering 2nd one)

Taking the 1st case, there are several options to sit. It’s like confusion and we may mess up thinking where to seat.

Thus, we can also understand the actual meaning of clarity based on reality through such aspects about bus.

Wait for the next part of this series, till then which life reminders has helped you?

Do let me know, I’d love to discuss with the people being open minded just like you!

Thank You!