Gone are the days when we only yelled for “woman rights” “woman empowerment” and so on. Now it's time for getting the real meaning of “Feminism” and treat accordingly. Literally “Feminism” means the practice of equality irrespective of sexes. We all have read history and seen how women were less privileged and dominated so pathetically and the whole societal system became claustrophobic for them. But now, let's not talk about negative practices, let's talk about how things have changed and everything is changing-

  1. Women were not allowed to pursue education which made them remain illiterate, consequently they did not know what's happening in the world and were convinced by men whatever they said.but now, everywhere you see, education among women has really expanded and everyone is kinda determined to have the elementary education.laws have passed in support of women education

  2. Women were not allowed to be into sports activities, it was “manly” then. But now, how many examples you want? Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal and many more woman are just nailing and rocking the sports field.

  3. Women were told to cover their face in public. Now, though in specific religion, it is observed but, to a great extent, this unnecessary,illogical practise have disappeared.

  4. Multiple marriages were only when it came to men, but women were not allowed to do that. But now, both of them can decide to marry again if thr first or previous one doesn't work.

  5. Financial independence was not there in the dictionary of woman but man. Now, it feels great to admit that we have put significant example of standing on our feet and being financially independent.it creates a different position of a woman in the society.

  6. Mental independence is what women have acquired to a great extent nowadays. A wife can give support to her husband mentally,financially. So here it ends, I support equality in every possible way. We cannot be physically strong. But we can support men as well. There is no logic of different sitting arrangements in public bus(women and general), a man can get tired while coming back home and he can seat anywhere and if a woman demands the seat with an “insignificant” power, it's wrong. A man can do household chores and a woman can do outdoor jobs and it's completely fine. So, instead of segmenly “manly” work and “womanly” work, let's support each other in every way. Thank you.