These Life Reminders To Get Back On Track. #2

Nirmit Shah
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If you’ve come up here and didn’t read #1 of it yet, then do visit it here first: These Life Reminders To Get Back On Track. #1

Many times we lose our mind and track where these things, aspects, and situations remind us that “Knowing is not enough” instead of it, experiencing is where you win the game.

I’m pretty sure you’ll say “this article series has nothing new”, but it’ll remind you about who you really are.
In this article, we'll know about reminders of life which are:

1.Cleaning Room



1.Cleaning Room

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Cleanliness Needs Consistency (Source : The Spruce)

When I was a kid, I was always questioning the dust around the yard, room, kitchen, etc. I was asking it the same to my grandparents also where it was like “Why dust is gathering daily even when we clean it regularly?” “Are we not cleaning it properly?”

Since the last two years that is after 11th / 12th grade, I’ve been cleaning some areas of room daily.And that time also I doubt it yet leave it aside thinking there’s nothing important here to question about.

Wait, I was wrong. The question “Why we need to clean dust daily?” is really important if it has triggered genuinely all deeply within.

Now I can understand it as a game of life.

Just like stagnant water and freshwater. Stagnant water is the harmful one whereas healthy water means it is flowing all along.

The place which is not cleaned regularly gets dusted easily. The question “Why dust” allows us to remind, that there is no problem in the dust yet the problem lies in not cleaning them.

This works the same with our mind. We think a lot. Sometimes positive. Sometimes negative. We might be questioning as “Why these thoughts?” Where cleaning the room and dust reminds us to act upon it, it is the fine life reminder to recall us and aware us about cleaning our thoughts as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are having positive thoughts right now. There are no issues about the existence of negative thoughts.

The only thing that matters is the way you think while “thinking”.

Let positive thoughts flow by. Let negative thoughts pass by, make sure about your thinking. Positive and negative thoughts are shit, positive thinking and negative thinking changes the whole scenario.

2.Kids 👦👧

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Kids Are True To Themselves (Source : David Jones)

Why we love to watch kids or What is the reason why we get attracted to them? In family programs or such event, you probably had observed mostly people are playing with kids and talking such cute things😊.

Let's see the reason behind their love.

Loving yourself!

This is the very basic thing to have in this beautiful life. They do everything they love. If they want to shout, they'll. If they want to play, they'll. If surroundings don't care about him, he'll don't to them as well. They even cry a lot caring the none.


They always try to see similar things in different ways. What do most people do? Different things in a similar way. This is a very nice aspect of the lesson from them.

No good and No bad...

They will do whatever is comfortable to their way irrespective of duality(GOOD/BAD). They possess the wonderful power of loving everyone. They don't know what is black or white. They just see a person's behavior.


They are true to themselves and never lie. They literally ask and tell people what they love or what they like. And also they don't go to the person they don't like their behavior towards him. Surely they are shouting to that person and denying things they don't want.

Laughing at yourself

They dance, they fall and they laugh on themselves😝

They jump, they fall, they cry and they laugh again😜

So, in the end, they live happily with such a great smile😁


They usually smile a lot. Study shows that a kid smiles 4000 times a day, WOW.

Keeping happiness within is the great thing.

3. Sports

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Sports Unites People (Source : Bureau Of Labor Statistics)

Last month I went to my friend’s sports club. I saw a person playing tennis. Watching him, I asked my friend who that person is and found that he’s a coach. I was bitten in confusion because that coach was literally seemed like a beginner. Then after some time, I saw that coach playing Squash.

Again I was confused. Well! My friend solved this describing that that person is a coach of Squash Game and was playing tennis for fun. He was playing Squash like damn great. Of course, he is because he was once a national finalist in Squash.

I’ve observed a beautiful point here that is

Sport reminds us of who we actually are.

That coach while playing tennis was uncomfortable whereas in squash he was an ace.

Every high skilled, powerful mindset people are even getting back into their actual version while playing an unknown or less played sport.

Sports Unites People

In that same club, my friends had made so many friends after playing and joining that sport.

It’s the spirit where each one of them gives their best.

One who chases the result falls down and beaten up in the end.

Sports reminds us to trust and act upon the process. The process is important.

Poem on Sport

A matter of rejection

Is here the creation.

The character of improvisation

Is done via own mistake and lessons.

An activity is designed

In various sectors.

Joyfully known as game

Professionally followed by fame

Simply it's a name

And that is Sport

A zone made through your efforts

Out of your comfort!

Wait for the next part of this series, till then which life reminders has helped you?

Do let me know, I’d love to discuss with the people being open minded just like you!

Thank You!



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