I Know 😎😎..... But Do I πŸ€”πŸ€”?!?

Gayatri Padmanabhan
Nov 12, 2021 Β Β β€’Β Β 13 views

Hello everybody!!

Hope all are doing good. Found the title interesting? Let me go forward with it before you guys start jumping with curiosity 😜.

We have seen people who know a lot of things. We have seen people who don't know a lot of things or even the common things that others know but they don't.

But there is a third set of people? Want to take a guess?

The people who pretend to know. Or even worse they blabber that they know it but ultimately regret that why did they tell that they know it.

Too many know its😝...

OK let's get down to business... Shall we?

Some people pretend to know so as to not feel embarrassed that they don't know things most of the people know and some pretend to know things to impress people by even telling that they know things that are not known by many.

We live in the times where impressing people has become more important than actually putting effort in knowing things and accepting that we don't know them but are eager to learn. This is where our ego comes in and pushes us to do things which we don't normally do.

We don't accept that we don't know. Our ego and the fear of embarrassment creates a chemical explosion in our brain and we go on the path of the unknown.

In the end, we land in a soup and the embarrassment which we have been avoiding from the beginning comes to us in two folds. More so, we have to give up our ego to get help and get out of the soup.

The difference between giving up our ego in the beginning and giving it up in the end is all because of the phrase "I KNOW IT". Giving up in the beginning helps us learn things in a fluid manner without any barrier in our mind. Giving up our ego at the end is forceful where by hook or by crook you need to learn to save yourself and get out of the mess. Embarrassment is the biggest barrier which is in your mind when you are learning at the end.

To be honest I was a combination of both.

People tell things. You are also one of them when you point out the mistakes of another person.

If you keep listening to them and feel embarrassed about telling that you don't know things, the soup you land in will get bigger and bigger.

No shame in telling you don't know things. No shame in learning things, even the smallest ones.

If you want to get things done and that too without any embarrassment, you should have the courage to say that you don't know when you don't.

Contemplation at the beginning is better than embarrassment at the end.


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