These Life Reminders To Get Back On Track. #1

Nirmit Shah
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Again, I’ve come up with a new series of “Life reminders to get back on track”, where the topics that will be discussed here are most relevant to our daily activities that you can easily relate it.

It’ll sound cliche but somehow, in the end, will surely worth it.

Many times we lose our mind and track where these things, aspects and situations reminds us that “Knowing is not enough” instead of it, experiencing is where you win the game.

I’m pretty sure you’ll say “this article series has nothing new”, but it’ll remind you about who you really are.

In this article, we'll know about reminders of life which are:

  1. Sickness

  2. Watching The Sky

  3. Laughing And Letting Go

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Well, sickness is a phase where everyone has passed through. Life becomes way too boring during that stage. We dislike everything to act upon.

But what happens when we recover?

Even a little act of kindness makes you feel good. You will just love to walk even. It’s like sometimes, people may think mad about you for instance because of your great recovery.

Sickness, illness occurs from bad health. Bad health occurs when we overdo work, activity over our body not providing sufficient rest and sleep, also eating not appropriately.

Illness (Source : NPR)

Sickness reminds these two aspects:

  1. Intake of food

  2. Improper sleep-rest ratio

It is one of the greatest reminders of a life that pings us about acquiring regular breaks whenever it is necessary.

Also, to eat what our body is supposed to take whereas sometimes it’s okay to have some different variety but not regularly otherwise you’ll fall into bed again in the same trap.

2. Sky

The number one reminder from the sky you can have is that "sky reminds you to fly, and keep flying". And moreover, it also teaches a lesson that there are chances to fall, to take a risk.

But in the end, you'll enjoy your life flying.

Sky To Fly (Source : sunprairieumc)

During that also beware and be prepared for such failure fall. The sky is neutral. This is why, in every season, condition, disaster, the actual view of the sky remains the same. Looking to the sky calmly, your mind will stop thinking which is to see such a beautiful sky just like a thoughtless object.

It reminds us not to attach something to yourself too much that every time you have those extreme feelings (good or bad) that always disturbs you. You feel normal while looking at the sky releasing this philosophy.

Try looking at life as it is.

Life is so simple, just look at life as it is.

3.Laughing And Letting Go

We often love to laugh. Don’t we? Haha

What generally a laugh do with you?

It simply releases your energy to flow out and feels you fresh as a newborn in this universe.

Most of the time, the problem with adults is with their abundance of knowledge.

They are obstructed into somewhere in the corner of the mind which confines their way of thinking.

Laugh out to let go about (Source : ABC News go)

How does laughing come into existence?

It simply has happened due to some surprising moment and you’ve pumped out excitingly as you were taking that situation not that seriously.

Let’s define this as a comedy!

Alright! Comedy reminds us to see a situation from a different perspective.

That is taking the fun as fun which sounds pretty fascinating by this.

Laughing reminds us to let go of the stuff we had stored till now (not in permanent) but for a moment so that we don’t get frustrated being obsessed with the same.

Neglecting exceptions, life’s greatest and awkward stresses are been solved by laughing.

Let me end this with a video linked right below this, Laugh it out loud.

Thank You For Reaching Out Here!

Keep Spreading Wisdom!



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