Hi everyone

This is my first attempt I’m writing something about those little things that happened everyone’s life in frequently basis .

I’m sharing one of my short time memory but a happy one !

When I was in college , I regularly travel from my home to college by bus . One day I took bus from my college bus stop to house . It was really unforseeen bus seems less crowded than other regural days . There were few people and all were seated .

I also managed a seat and sit , I was wondering the beauty of that greenery city ..and the next moment bus stops and a girl get in . She came near me and sit in front of me , in a first moment I noticed her wide eyes which were blooming .Those make her looks like a princess . She was wearing yellow patiala suit (Indian dress) with long earrings . She has greenish hairs which were blowing when wind kisses her silky hairs . At that moment I remembered when my grandmother told about stories of a paree .

Being an introvert, I’m not able to say hi to her . I just want to talk want to know about her but couldn’t , then she took her phone from her purse which she was carrying with her , and started scrolling screen , I noticed her rose lips and there she smiling . After few moments her stop came and she got down . Sometimes I’m still wondered what if I could start a conversation on that day , may be life will be on different road at present .

But I guess this is how an introvert’s life works .This is how we live !!!