Inspiring travel love stories | Love on the road tales - Pip and the City

🤗Every people loves travelling. In Some cases we are going to Chennai or Bangalore from your native place means if suppose you have to choose bus travelling means you have to book the ticket on the window seat or normal bus also you are just to crave to sit on the window seat and put your headphone in your ear and suddenly you saw a beautiful place,

That feeling is awesome when you wait for a bus for too long a time means if the bus would reach your place means you have to so happy to sit on a Window Seat.

🧐Nothing will be replaced then these things. In some case people they love to travel by bike to long-distance but it is not comfortable for our body and it’s also dangerous for our health if suppose you are in a sick stage.

At that time you only have to ride your bike. But Most people love bike travelling compared to others.

❤Some of the people have one big dream to reach Ladakh by bike. That was an awesome moment when you visit new places and people even though you don’t know the language of that place.

But have seen so many Things like scenery, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes and the most important is the climate, It was a wonderful experience suddenly the climate has to be changed from hot to cold.


💔Even though some people who are already fell in love after a Misunderstanding with each other have reached the breakup stage. At a certain time, most people only prefer travelling to forgot the pain of Beautiful Queen Or King.

💥Even though you are in a depressed stage your heart is just craving for the things which you have lonely travels by choosing Longer Distance to remove the pain.

✔Stay Strong, Stay Healthy, Be Happy……..