Starting from being monkeys humans are believed to have reached the culmination of evolution process. Having said that and considering the amount of intellegence a human has there should be very little reason for a person to fail despite all the efforts and hardwork. Now here comes the introduction of social media which recently has started to have a huge say on an individuals success or failure.

For me social media seems to be a furthur aid to development of an individual as social platforms are the perfect medium for one to reach out to people across the globe and to help one know various things which one is unaware of. But as per the trend more than 50 percent of the people seem to be spending or in most cases wasting more time than required on various social networking sites to find some sort of so called happiness from whatever thing they like on such platforms which in turn acts as a stonewall to thier development and progress. Intrestingly more than on thier own judgement people nowdays tend to believe on what they see online and so many a times they end up having wrong perception about various things.

Instead of facing the problems face to face, people have frantically started to turn towards social media to run away from them which in turn at a later stage leaves them distraught with horrendous wounds of guilt within them.

People still have time to expiate for the things they did wrong or missed out on beacuse of excessive time on this and use the social platforms as an aid in this ever growing population by understanding that happiness can be sought from the surroundings and if not from within itself with the time being saved can be used for achieving our goals and using these platforms more for necessary purposes and less for entertainment ones.

And once we are able to do so we can conceit on being completely able to take advantage of our evolution unless we again don't end up falling on some other such trap being laid unconsciously by us for ourselves.



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Thanks @shreemoyee
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Nice points!!