"How Can Social Media Empower You To Improve Yourself As A Person?"

Anisha Yadav
Oct 14, 2019   •  359 views

Social Media is an interactive platform to share your thoughts in the form of text posts, audios, videos, and comments. Social media has faced both the things praise and criticism. But have you ever thought of improving yourself as a person through social media. You know we humans are an only creature that can change ourselves as many times and in as many different ways as we want to.

1) Know Yourself First


If someone asked you what your interest is and you were like - me "well that's a difficult question" then you need to start thinking right away, that where exactly you are taking your life. And do you choose to be on social media, there must be something that interests you and that's why you were there. See this is where you can start - take a paper and write down all the things you actually want to do and offcourse no doubt there are many who want to do the same thing, so now you need to figure out how can you make a difference in the world. If it's through education then how can your education help others as well. You need to believe at once that you can change your way of using social media.

2) Start Blogging On YouTube, Blogspot or any other platforms


Now that you have figured out your interest . You can start posting it in the form of twitter posts for everyone to read, create a YouTube video, if you were a YouTube junket. The point is to let everything out of you in a healthy manner.

3) Inspire and Inspiration


The words sound familiar to each other, but have different meanings here. Social media can be used to inspire people from your story, you just have to present it in a beautiful manner and soon you'll be an inspirational figure soon and then you can join with the ones who are of the same field.

4) The more you read, the better you get.


Have you ever studied English literature, when you start reading Its important that you read in order to speak. Because the more you read, the more knowledge you'll have on your subject and you post or say, the more confidence you get. And this same thing will soon become your habit and reading as well. You'll not even realise when your failure changes into success.

5) There will be criticisms too


Don't just yet think that life will become a fairytale but, yes with your continuous efforts your life will change for better. But there will be criticisms too about the things that are saying and posting. So in this case you have to do what you love and let others do what they love. So even if they criticize you, let it be.

In Conclusion all I can say is that this is your life and you don't know what you'll be in the next one, so till the time you are a human, try to do something good for yourself and for others.