Technology And Connectivity In Times Of A World Pandemic:

Mar 24, 2020   •  7 views

“what is important to humanity is connection.” Humans are social animals to whom, touch, socialization comes naturally. With humanity, comes Altruism and social support that each individual tries to reach in a moment of world Pandemic.

As people propose their acts of kindness, through the nation applauding and cheering all the workers who risk their lives on daily basis to save some, to small gestures of donating or sharing art pieces, offering help to others.

In a situation as such, as nature take its time and tries to handle itself, a calamity poses on bringing people together where loneliness and the new lifestyle can be difficult to settle with.

“we are so busy in our lives that the moment we get time with ourselves, it’s too late. We’ve forgetten our own company and are scared to see what kind of person we would explore in our self and we look for keeping ourselves busy in those moments.”

Social media thus, inspires to bring various platforms for the same. Instagram, facebook have been a constant in this journey to new platforms such as Metvy, where people can face to face in connections not only for social connectivity but also helping in shaping the face of finding business and work connections.

From people exploring themselves to forming new bonds, technology has played an important role in every small step taken. As simple as sharing a piece of information from the news about healthcare is a form of communication. The connection that media forms with us to small details being delivered to us in the very second of it being explored, it continues to stand in the part of a world wide connection.

The world wide economic slowdown has forced the technology and working sector to change its dynamics into a wider concept through online connectivity. As softwares are being developed for work from home to Apps like Metvy forming a platform to reach connectivity on an all purpose basis.

This pandemic has resulted in families to come together, countries to fight situations together and for individuals to take a step forward in their own meaning of life.

As Gibran said, “Hate is a dead thing. Who of you would be a tomb?” leaves us with only one thing, in our lives and as we die, the only thing we are left with are the connections we make.