Old Age Home And Orphans House Should Be Combined

Jan 31, 2020   •  332 views

“ the most important thing in the life is family and love”

Family is something which gives  the spirit to live , grasp a person , believe in a him when no one else do . At the time of all difficulties and botherations , family is the aegis where a person can wipe his tears . In todays worls everyone is Always busy  on social media , having thousands of friends whom he is always busy in chatting and sharing every moment of life .  Instead of having thousands of friends,  in reality a person can find only his family members at the time of actual need and trouble . Nothing can be matched with the affection and understanding of family. 


The two pedestals of the family mom and dad , without them the whole world sketchy . From the time of giving birth till the time of being independent they brought thier kids in their extreme allegiance and love , where everything is  available for thier kids . Parents have only one dream and that's to fulfil all the dreams and desires  thier kids . The only thing parents want is the happiness of thier children .

“ Mom” is someone who sacrifices her body , sleep , social life , money , habits , patience  and life . She just want to give all the happiness of the world to her baby . Actually mothers sacrifices are bigger than her expections but still she wishes the success and happiness of her kids. She expects all the misbehavior of her kid and just want to make them happy . A mother's love is something which cannot be explained .  It's a mixture of deep devotion , lot of sacrifice and pain . 


“Father” a man who made silent sacrifices , smile with alot of tension in his head , plans the best for the future of his kids , spent his present , forget his age to cheer his kids , sacrifices his happiness for the sake of his children  . He is a  person who trust his kids in every situation , encourages them , and stand with his kids in their difficulties , and wishes to fulfil the dreams of his children at any cost . It's very difficult to define father , because he never express himself .


 After spending the youth in alots of sacrifices and compromises , parents didn't get enough results . At the time of thier old Age ,when they have  lost all thier energy in upbringing of thier kids and  making all thier dreams true , they are supposed to be boycott from the house  . The  house which was built by the bricks of thier love and emotions , now they are forced to get out of it . 

This time the little ones of parents are grown up into youngestors who get irritated easily with thier parents . These grown up  kids   are totally busy in thier own life without thinking about the hardwork and courage of parents . They are forced to go in old age home . 


This is the time when parents needs emotional attention alot . But instead of understanding thier feeling , as they do when thier kids were small , they are thrown in old age home where everyone is a stranger  to them . This distance from thier kids make parents emotionally unhealthy and mentally weak which inturn have adverse effects on thier health . They just want someone who cares, understands thier feeling and with whom they can share the same bond again .

Life is not fair for everyone . Anyone will not get everything in life .  there are some kids in the world who are left with the world most important gift and that's parents . There parents die in the early age of thier kids . Once you lost something then you understand it's real cost . These Orphan are always waiting and wanting the same  love and affection of parents as they know the actual value of it . 


The problems of both  can be solved  if both old age home and Orphan House  Combines . The old parents will get the love of thier kids and the Orphans can feel the shelter of thier parents . As both  are aware the actual value of love and emotion so , both will satisfy each other's need . By doing this we can give a good life to both . Both of them will form a family with true love, care and emotions . Love is Something  which can  make  ordinary relations better than the blood relationships .  

By doing so , both will be happy and will live a prosperous and healthy life  .