Hello! Hope all are doing good.

Yes, I am back again with a problem from the Problem series.

This time is a bit more serious than it was before.

You guys have your opinions, I can have mine.

We are all a part of the Social Media World. The world where we are surrounded by likes, shares and comments. Be it YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, we are part of a new world. But the problem is we don't have restrictions in this world. Yes, people can report if the content or anyone's comment is inappropriate, but not much of rules and regulations as far as I know are present.

It is good to some extent that we dont have restrictions on one part of our (social media) life. It brings us out of the restrictions and barriers which we have in the real world. We have options to see content and create content based on our imagination and creativity. We have the opportunity to share the things which we want the world to know and show our talents.

But.. But... But...

Every world has two sides and the negative side is a part of these two sides. In this social media world, I feel somewhere negativity overrides the positivity shared on the platforms. I'm not only talking about the content which are shared but also the reactions people give through their comments.

I have written about the effects of social media and how good or bad it is to get involved in this world, but now what I'm talking about is kind of more serious topic in my opinion.

There are lots of things happening now around us. People are living their regular lives on one side after the 2 years of irregularities and disruptions in our lives. But on the other side, there are people who are bring affected in the most negative way possible. All of our hope and prayers are with them.

By now you might have understood why I brought social media into the picture. Social media has always been a platform for expressing our opinions which is good. But the negative side is we are misusing these platforms.

Memes and posts have come up which are way too insensitive. I'm not talking about the financial aspects, I'm not talking about the political aspects. The world now actually revolves around these aspects. But knowingly or unknowingly, we have forgotten the most important aspect, the HUMANITY aspect.

The posts which I have come across (I'm not sure if you all have) are way too insensitive for the humans. There are memes and posts that totally remove and throw away the seriousness of the situation of today's world. Yes, they do lighten or brighten (whichever word you prefer) the moods during these times. But not to the extent that they lose the humanity in it.

Agreed that there are people calling out these posts and have reported them to the possible extent. But why do you want to post these things in the first place?!?

Social media is the only world in our hands. The more we are aware of how to put our thoughts on it, the better place it will be to express ourselves without any mental disturbances.