1. Discipline is like your mom force feeding you green vegetables- you eventually develop a taste for it.

  2. You have two sides of yourself- One that reinforces your limitations and the other that brings out the best in you. You get to choose. Choose wisely.

  3. Chivalry is a sham- it is not required at all in a date where women are fierce, independant, strong, and fully in control of their lives.

  4. Fast food is a fast way to plummet to your death. Consume, and get consumed.

  5. Whenever you are mad at your mother, one caveat to remember- You are, beacause she is.

  6. Life is one big blooper reel sometimes and you have to wait through the rubbbish to get to the good parts.

  7. Say your words like each word costs you something

  8. Be the coolest person you know. How? By not knowing any other people.

  9. All you really need is a comfortable pair of socks.

  10. Sometimes taking out the trash means pushing toxic people away as well.

  11. When others are busy shopping- eat.

  12. Self love is the first step to any other kind of love.