The beauty of one-sided love as well said by Ranbir Kapoor is that like other kinds of love, it’s not shared. Only one has its rights.

So we all have been in "love" at least once right? At least most of us have, and the ones left are desperately waiting for it to happen to them. The best part of love is that you are never too sure of the definition of love. And you beautifully silly in your love, fit the person you love in any definition you find. So, when do you know its love? Is it when google confirms your symptoms? Is it when world suddenly feels magical and you start smiling for no reason? Is it when all love songs feel related? Is it when you can’t stop thinking of someone? Love starts the moment you question yourself if you are in love. It begins the moment you register it to yourself its more than a crush. Its already love when you start typing in google "how to know if you are in love" and scroll to look the answer and the confirmation you want.

Shahrukh khan said "hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai. shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai. aur pyar? woh bhi ek hi baar hota hai. But is it really? Didn't he contradict himself only in the movie? Why is love so difficult to give and so unbelievable to believe in? Were you not in love with the child at first sight when he playfully hid behind him mom only to sneak out to smile at you? Don't you fall in love with your friend when you return home with good memories due to them? Don't you fall in love with your mom when you get to know it’s your favorite dish for dinner? Don't you love your dad when he gives you extra money without telling mom? Don't you fall in love with that stranger on street you see every day who gives free food to all beggar kids before going to work? We fall in love with actors, characters, animals, even materialistic things or even people we haven’t ever met or seen ever. Then why is it so big a deal when you fall in love with someone romantically?

We all always dream of that epic love that those novels and movies tell us about. But we must realize what makes those stories epic are us. Love binds us all, and without it, the mankind collapses. Love indeed makes us epic. But love is everywhere. It’s there in your hate somewhere too, your anger, your smile, and the people around you. It’s everywhere and has to be, as without it, nothing really can exist. We all somewhere look for all solutions to our problem in that "one" epic person who will sweep in and save the day and change our life. Those who don't believe in love deeply want someone to prove them wrong. How easy it is to find a solution to everything this way. Just like hoping one day god will descend and save it all. But the truth is that all that saves the day is you. If you pray you get strength to fight. The people who love you become your strength to fight, and things around you give you inspiration. love gives you inspiration. But it is still you who has to save the day and be a miracle. Miracles happen because you make them happen by believing. Love happens because you believe in it.

 It is easy to fall in love with someone's eyes or personality or nature or face and there is nothing wrong in it. Loving is only natural and you don't need to judge yourself on the basis of what makes you fall in love. It is okay to love a person who is already with someone. It is okay to love a person too old or too young your age. It is okay to love a person of same gender. Loving only makes this world a better place. It makes you a better person and there is absolutely nothing wrong in it. What really wrong is expecting anything in return and that's where the ride starts at. That's where heartbreak and jealousy and despair lies and an entire horizon of sad poetry lies. And that's true for majority things in the world including love. Yes, it hurts when you realize you are in this alone and the person is not on the same page. It hurts to see them build a future without you when you here can’t imagine a future without them. You fell in love effortlessly and they didn't. You can’t change it. All you can do is hope. And hope is all that stops you from moving on. There is always a possibility that the issues resolve and you get all that you dream. Indeed, you can only hope for something you have very little control over. But you have to accept what happens, happens. You have to accept the present. There may be a dream future but there is little reality to it as however dear it may hold to you, it is still a dream. You have to believe in yourself more than your love.

Yet you believe in your love with every will you have and you are stubborn about it. You want it to work and you don't want to move on however much you say the contrary. Even if there is a tiny possibility that your dream, your ultimate desire in life can be achieved with that one person you want to take that chance even if the cost is your own future. Even if there is the slightest hope of things turning out the way you want them to you want to hold on with everything you ever had at stake you will cling on to it. And that's all that's stopping you to move on. It is you and your hope and your belief in that hope. There is nothing wrong in hoping, dreaming and believing, after all that's what drives the world to progress. But is there any good in dwelling on a future so uncertain at the cost of your present? you have absolutely no control on another person's feelings and honestly not even much control on your own feelings too for that matter. Hence, you have to realize this story is not in your control, and however much you hope and believe, what will happen, will happen. Believing in yourself is good, but you must know where to draw a line while believing in hopes for future or living in a fantasy world. Yes, there may be a possibility your love works out and you get your epic love, but will you let that mere possibility block all your scopes for future when all it is making you do is wait?

 My point is, go on. Move ahead. Work. Be involved in things around you. Spend time with those who love you. Spend time with kids, and old people and your friends. Make your life. Find a dream, a motive, a purpose in your life. Love your job. Appreciate the beauty of this world and its creations. Just be alive. Is it that difficult? To live in today? Live, love and laugh. Be kind, help people and spread your smile. That person you think of everyday, those tears you shed every night, that loneliness you feel which makes you want to die? It will pass. one day the every second you think of that person will become every two seconds, and soon 5 seconds, a minute, an hour, a day, a month. And one day you will be strong enough to deal with it and see it for what it really was. Own this pain and fire and despair as you are human. However, u must also know that only after burning a phoenix is born and only after fighting a battle, a warrior is made.