A big chunk of time usually goes to debates inside my head, a part of me always asks really hard hitting existential questions; questions an atheist would ask and a part of me that understands the fundamentals of my religion, every time the part holding knowledge of religion wins.

The conversation sometimes is fruitful so I decide to share it, the following is an example:


Muslims who are insisting on going to mosques UNDER THE ARGUMENT that “we have our faith in Allah he will protect us” they are forgetting that Allah has given us the brain, logic and decision making skills to chose what is good for us under specific situations. Going to the mosque is fine, but at a time when gathering like that can potentially risk the health of others is something that should ring in head instantaneously. Our religion tells us to take actions after THINKING blind following especially in times of calamity is something no one would encourage. Take precautions and then trust in Allah but don’t expect that he will personally come down from the heavens to save you, he has given you the brain so that you dyi.

Now some fanatic would ask WHY would he not come down to help, WHY this and why that. The simple answer’s in the form of a question, WHY do we have an appendix? Why is it that only oxygen gets exchanged when we breathe? Why do we exist?

Like on a computer, some things are set to a default setting, they just ARE that way; they’re that way because it was the best way for them to be. The “why” questions most of the time are very hollow they’re desire and their purpose and what sense of fulfillment their answering would provide is undefined.