All this time you must have seen so many articles, memes, news talking over mental health of a person. But this one would be different, continue to know how.

Often we ask people around us to share what they are going through, what they are feeling, to let the emotions out. But ever wondered, why the same people still don’t come to talk?

No, because we think we did our part by asking, the other person isn’t interested let it be.

Instead of asking them these question you should make a safe environment, that go to place where a person can speak up unfiltered. All we do wrong on our part is not creating that trustworthy place.

Otherwise, it is very easy for people to speak out loud what all they are going through, only thing that stops them from doing this is that safe, secured environment.

And, to create that cozy go to place just, stop judging people on basis of anything, be a good secret keeper, and at last be there to listen the rant they have.

These small steps would surely save many people from holding the grudges, anger, frustration they are having by letting it out. Just be a little more sensitive and don’t ask them if they have something to say just create a happy space for them.




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Very true ;)