By now, over 200 million people have seen the trending hashtag #CoronaJihad. This Hash-tag was created to say that Muslims spread Covid-19 on purpose. Do they?

It all started from one Islamic missionary group called ‘Tablighi Jammat’. They organized mass gatherings that thousand attended against the law of the lockdown.

Not only in India but also in the United States, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even China. These gatherings have indeed have spread the virus and when I look at them, I am angry because I know these gatherings will make innocent people suffer and so they did.

Now because of the mistake of one group of Muslims, some hospitals don’t want to help Muslims at all. It also reached the global social media and when it comes to the traditional media, they only add fuel to the fire. News reported on many viral videos, and in one it shows that the food seller is spitting on the fruits in order to spread the virus. It only heated the conflict!

But the truth is, that video was realized a long time ago before the gatherings and the man in that video was diagnosed with mental health problems and he was not following any ‘Corona-Jihad’ callings.

Once again history repeats itself, from one group’s fanatic gatherings to fake hyperbolic media reports, a tweet, bad historical sentiments, politics, and many mistakes on both sides.

The pre-existing hatred between religions and most importantly humans only got worse. This is the paradox of religious wars where 1% of the people are capable to make the rest of 99% suffer. But is it justified to blame people’s mistakes on their religious beliefs? Is this behavior Muslim? Or is it simply Human?

See, whether it’s God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or anyone else. All religions have one thing in common, the rules, the commandments. In essence, you can only truly represent your religion if you follow the rules given to you by your leader.

I am not religious but I did my research. A quote in the Quran, a book of Muslims, “If you hear an outbreak of plague in your land, Do not enter it. But if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place.”

In other words, people who spread the virus on the coronavirus plague go against their own religion. That’s why they are not allowed to represent the whole community of Muslims. Because of thousands of them met for mass prayers and spread the virus against the rules, hundreds of millions stayed in a lockdown.

Globally, many people organized the mass gathering, and yet I have not seen any trending hash-tags about it. And I know what people who are reading this thinking. Why does it always happen to Muslims? Why when Christian, Jewish, or Hindu does something wrong, these are the actions of humans but when Muslims do something wrong, these are the actions of Islam or Terrorism.

The Muslims must come together and say a loud NO against this 1% of the extremists. I can say this because I know how it feels to only focus on the 1%. I have met Muslims all around my country, India and they are truly the kindest, welcoming hearts.

I cannot wait for the day were when the world just like me gets to see 99% more than 1%. When 200 million people don’t see the hash-tag #coronajihad but rather something positive. People tell me it’s impossible but I have the faith that one day, it will spread happiness in the world.

For many years now, people are far away from each other, far left and far right, far Muslim and far Hindu or far Christian or far Jewish. They are far away from each other and that makes them see the worst in each other. That makes them scared. That makes them fight. Because no-one can see well in the darkness from afar. But if we would understand quickly that we are brothers and sisters. People do bad things and kill in the name of Jesus. People do bad things and kill in the name of Allah. People do bad things and kill in the name of Krishna but at the end of the day, people only kill in the name of the murder. Trapped in the darkness, not seeing the true face of their enemies, not following the true callings of every religion, which is peace and forgiveness.

Maybe the coronavirus is the test of our humanity. Maybe it’s nothing but the devil coming and trying to put us against each other. We have learned to believe that religion has caused many wars but it is only us, humans who should be held accountable. And I say this because in many regions around the world that live in peace despite having the many religions like South India or Singapore where live together in peace despite religious beliefs. Where people for on the 99% of the good and not on 1% of the bad.

A few days ago, I heard a beautiful story of Muslims organizing a funeral for Hindu despite everything that has happened right now. That is beautiful. That is Human. This blog is long and tough but this is not for pro-Hindu or for pro-Muslim or for pro-Jewish but this is for pro-Human

I might be not religious but I am a deep believer. I believe in humans that we can be above the divisions. I believe that we have been given lives only to do good. I believe that true calling and destination are to come together. Even if we all are far away, sometimes it takes is a few steps to realize that before we find the true meaning of religion, first we have to find each other