Water Evaporation, Just A Matter Of Time..

Tarnima Adham
Aug 26, 2020   •  67 views

Losing someone means that this person is dead or you've lost him on an emotional aspect which indicates nothing but your sensitivity and weakness if it is a long term emotional breakdown. So let us talk about the painful loss which means the "zero possibility" of seeing and talking to them again. 

I've lost 3 of my beloved ones recently and I know how it feels like to lose a soul you're attached to! I believe that everyone  just represents a guest to this life, everyone is going to leave an impact on other people's lives and then he'll go to the other side of the world cause he has finished his work and the time for him to be judged has come. you just have to face God and account for your deeds whether they are good or bad. All of this does not matter if you are not the one to be judged and punished or rewarded! What really matters is that painful feeling of loss.

Suppose that you are water in a pot and you're being heated, you'll evaporate which means you're gone. Whether the heat is high or low, you'll evaporate, it is just a matter of time and the fact that you - as water- know how it is going to end should be considered the push for you ! The water will evaporate, you will die, the people around you'll do too and no way these facts can be altered, they are facts impossible to be changed and impossible here isn't that one in the human development field. Once you realize these facts you have to change yourself, you should know how to enjoy your time with your beloved ones before it is too late. You should know the path towards being a good person with a good soul, good impact, a one whose good memories with others will last forever. As previously mentioned, when thinking about others, we don't usually or mainly think about their fate in judgement day and ultimate destiny, we only think about how to spend most of our time with them before they leave. You should also think about telling them that you do love and care and follow this by working hard so that you can express your nice feelings towards them. Maybe they'll leave tomorrow, leaving you alone with your uncomfortable thoughts and regrets. 

Your "dead beloved ones" are surely fine cause you know their path has ended and it is something personal but I think that people only leave when they are ready to do so! Towards more facilitating, we all have a project to be finished and work to be done, the most hard-working and good person does finish it first and is ready to be ranked and judged by his HR before the others do, the same as the fact of death, it doesn't depend on your age for example but your work and achievements instead!

Losing someone close is so painful. You won't be able to see them again. Maybe you'll see them in your dreams which makes this more painful! When you need a prayer from your grandma, care from dad, love from mum, a hug from your partner, just a talk for minutes from a friend, you won't be able to do so! These are unfortunately temporary things.. 

I have lost people i love and I know how it feels to memorize about them. Your soul is attached to many people, maybe it is attached firmly with invisible threads from all your angles! A thread is cut! You won't be balanced anymore in this cruel world! This thread took a part of your soul away with it.. You've lost and unfortunately this loss does play the role of the substrate in an irreversible chemical reaction. It would not come back, your balance too isn't and won't be the same but you have to keep going cause the life doesn't give a fuck about your sadness or loss! It is just yours! The people will keep wandering in the streets, celebrate when it is time to do so, go shopping and have nice days away from grief. markets, malls and hotels are still open for vacation as if nothing happened to your weary soul. The life will go on and it is pushing you towards going on, too! It is pushing you while your soul is bleeding and your body is suffering! It is literally pushing a dead version of an alive person, someone with just oxygen entering his lung and carbon dioxide leaving, someone with a paralytic brain, a person who isn't able to think of something except his loss. How cruel is the world! How cruel is 'you having a talk with somebody' , turning your back and then no longer talks are available! No longer love and no longer care, just memories which are no longer cheerful ones, just painful "recorded" moments with zero ability to be deleted in order to forget about the pain. How cruel you are when you live for yourself and never been concerned about showing love to the people around you before they go. Just how cruel is life! 



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I think being able to think of the memories and remember the time you spent with your lost loved ones is not only painful as it's a blessing cause remembering them don't come with only pain but also warmth, nostalgia, comfort and a relief that you had happy times with them and also stood by them in many situations. There's always a bright side and positive perspective to not be hard on ourselves.💓💓 Great article ya sahbty keep up with the great work💓💓💓
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Maybe it is because the loss to me is in the recent past and I hope those negative feelings disappear soon, but also it is the reality the loss is irreversible maybe as you mentioned we should not be that hard on ourselves as we can change nothing but yeah we can overcome these tough times with negative thoughts and pass towards the positivity one day, and thanks for your opinion y albyyy😘💖💖