The thing about saying goodbye is not worrying about what will happen to you, because I mean, we all know you'll eventually forget about everything and you make new friends and you move on. Because that is what we are taught to do; we grieve about people. Dead or alive. 

But eventually we get over it, and maybe once in a while we wonder how different life may have been with them here. But you must know you will always be okay. 

And sometimes you can feel scared. For them and for you. You are scared because you don't know how long it'll take you to go through all of this. How you'll handle it or how hard it'll be. 

I just think sometimes getting through something like that scars people. Emotionally and physically. You stop doing things that remind of that person, so you change. You meet new people, learn new habits and wish it wasn't like this. You never speak about them and you don't mention to other people that you're hurting. 

You want to cry and scream and yell, but you don't. You keep it together because it's just so much easier than explaining everything. 

You think you're the only one feeling like that, but trust me. You're not the only one. You are not alone. 

Cry, scream, yell and tell someone. 

Because I can promise you, it's gonna help.