We are something different.

We try to remain distant

But always seem to find each other.

We have been through so much

But we always catch up.

Doesn't matter how many people come

They can never take your place

I try to leave but I end up doing the chase.

Sometimes, I think

Why does it have to be like this?

Why can't we remain constant .

But then, sometimes time is not right.

You might meet the right person

But not just at the right time.

So, you push, push each other

With every possible reason

But come back like the next season.

We are something different.

Like those cliched quotes

That "some things are just meant to be

Maybe not right now but later baby."

And so it just happens,

Life plays it's part

And we are again doing our part.

But there's catch

Everytime seems like the first time

Same rush, same excitement, same happiness.

It's weird. It's different and it's a mess.

But whatever it is. It's ours.

And I am glad that it is what it is.

Because it's not a normal love story

Where you just meet and fall in love.

It's different. It's a struggle.

How we tried to be distant

but always find each other.

Now I don't know if you could relate to this poetry or not but if you were able to, on some level, then again I don't know if it's lucky or unlucky but you have found the person in this world with whom you have a different connection.

In the world of 7 billion people, you managed to find THE person who you will always remember.

Doesn't matter how far they go, they are always close. Doesn't mater if you talk or not, you remember every detail. They touch you in way that no one ever has. It's weird.

It's weird, how one person can have so much control over you. How doesn't matter how many people come and go that person will always have special place in your heart.

Doesn't matter what they do or what you do, you always end up being together. It's like the world telling you, no matter what you can't get rid of this person because it is meant to be.

You yourself try to push that person back, try to think of things how you can stay away but always, always something happens that you get back. And every freaking time, it doesn't feel like you stopped talking or something happened. It feels as if you never stopped talking. You pick where you left.

That connection feels genuine. You never get tired of talking shit. You can converse over the most random topic and still enjoy it since its the person you enjoy talking to not about what.

Again i don't know if it's lucky or unlucky but if you have somehow found this person then it is for sure SPECIAL because it's like 1 in 7 billions.

And only thing I can say is that don't let that person go. Hold on and trust. If you have been through so shit and still have the same bond, God! You are meant to be.


On side note “How I met your mother” season 1 inspired me to write this.