Self love is the care and affection you show for your own self. It is the practice which doesn't come right away but you have to emphasize on giving yourself that priority in this world where you have to show the utmost care for yourself and not relying on others to do so.

In today's world where people are really busy with their own conflicts and always fighting with the daily issues they have with others or themselves. One forgets to think about about themselves and what their own need is, people are busy getting involved in other's drama that they quite forget their own issues to resolve.

Teenagers nowadays always claim to be going through depression and anxiety attacks and it's always good to talk about them to someone you feel would understand rather shutting you up. But I feel it's wrong to always blame these mental issues for the state of your well-being. You can't always run from the reality saying that you ain't feeling happy or joyful, no one can make you feel that happiness unless you yourself try to rectify what it is your mind needs. Of course, you may enjoy spending time with your special friends or loved one and think that without them you can't really be happy. But this type of thought is the mere reason of you being not happy most of the time because you set your mind dependant on others for the state of your own happiness. But why? You came alone in this world and this fight of living is your own battle why do you have to drag someone else in this? I'm not insisting you to cut connection with your close ones and just be with you but what I'm trying to intent is that why don't you try to be happy with your own company rather than relying on others to make you happy because if that dependency is there always, you won't really be able to live independently ever and can not feel the utmost happiness one feels even in their own company. Yes, you are depriving yourself of that happiness because you want to be happy but when others are free to do so. And when that certain person won't be there to hold you, you will feel shattered because you can't carry yourself alone as you've set your mind to be like that.

Not necessarily you'll feel happy all the time but if you're practicing this self-love where before anyone you care about yourself the most,you will feel that contentment. And others harsh judgements won't tear you apart, as you don't need their statement to make yourself happy. But once you have already accepted yourself the way you are and started loving your own self life's definitely going to be much better, and people can't really trigger you ever with anything offensive.



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Hi I've been writing since 2 months. On this amazing platform this is not only restricted to writing but also allows you to post your artwork projects and skill video. I thought to share this information about this platform with you will be helpful. Because even you can create your virtual portfolio and earn internships.