"Here, standing in front of the mirror and I am looking at the person who has evolved with time. She is not the same person I used to look at a few years back or even a few days back and I am loving her more than yesterday."

So, here it goes like this.

" I LOVE YOU, I made you suffer from all these situations but with time, I made you stronger, I mitigate you to admire your beautiful scars. Here, even you wouldn't deny that I turned you into a more confident lady than before.

I apologize for offering you a handful of friends, but, there's no doubt that I gave you the best gems. I accept the fact that I stepped back many times but I also took two steps ahead. Each and every day I ensured that whenever I look into the mirror, you feel more peaceful with yourself. I am focusing on bringing out the best in you. I accept the fact that I overlooked you many times but I comprehended it and made you my priority.

I have emancipated you from all the shackles which were holding you back. I have wrenched all the boundaries and made you come out of your comfort zone. I have accepted your flaws with all my heart and every day before stepping out of my room, I made sure you are feeling confident about yourself. I don't perceive your flaws as blemish anymore. I empowered you to be yourself, be your own kind.

‌I promise you, I will bring out the best version of you with each passing day. I will take care of you in every possible way. I'll never force you into the relationships just for the sake of people around you. I will allow you to take your time. I'll let you wait until then I'll help you to grow into a better person.

I'll never let you lose faith in humanity and love. I will never permit you to lose your identity in the process of being someone else. I'll celebrate every little achievement. I won't hold you back anymore. I promise you won't regret any moment of your life until your hair turns grey.

When you'll fall, I'll pick you up again..... continue (the day I'll find better words to soothe your soul).

P.S- We always look into our negative deeds instead of focusing on what kind of human being we have become through all the situations we have experienced. Let's take a few minutes to appreciate ourselves. Now, the next time you look into the mirror, don't forget to give a perfect and contented smile to yourself.