Please Forgive Me- ''song Review''

Tanzil Mahmood
Feb 20, 2019   •  123 views


About my first post-try to understand the gist(i know you always do)

Last week I was searching for something new to change my mood.Guys everyone has a breakdown now and then ,no matter whats the cause behind it (love,life,job,etc) and everyone has some special songs those are just made exactly for these so called moments.So back last week I was feeling the same and while going through many songs ,one touched my nerves .The song was as the title of the post portrays and those lines just felt like they were only sung for me and took me to a different world.I don't have words to explain that moment.It was as if all the scenes of that phase of my life were in front of me , things I did ,things I could have done so that situation would not have been the same then.But time and tide waits for none.The feel of the words "forgive me" and "don't deny me" is just exceptionally immense.Though most of the people are well aware of this song and singer ,still there are some whom it will help to gain some strength mentally.That's it for this one as words are just not enough to explain feelings like this.

Everybody has problems

and everyone have their own way of dealing with them.Its important that we understand that we do not cause harm to the things that are right to right the ones that are wrong.

If you're at fault,apologize,if not,still apologize,so that a realization can rejoice the other person into understanding their faults.

In many cultures apologizing and forgiveness are considered to be a great part of humanity


Everyone, you, yes 👉you, and the one next to you and the one sitting in some gazibo in the middle of nowhere, are all stuck in this loop of misinterpreted and Mistrialed part of life, about which we will discuss in some other wrytin. Till then

Good Morning☀