5 Songs That Will Hit Right Into The Feels

Manasveer Thakkar
Oct 04, 2019   •  179 views

Music, to most, is more than capable enough to influence the brain in a certain way that not even science can give a justified explanation for. Whilst listening to your favourite song, a chemical called dopamine is released in the brain which pertains to the euphoric segment of human emotion.

Everyone has those songs that just hit the right chord, both literally and metaphorically. Be it the lyrics, the beat, a memory related to it, or even the voice of the singer, there always is a set of songs that hit right into the ‘ feels ‘

Here are 5 songs that perfectly cater to those feels

1. Kun Faya Kun - A.R Rahman, Mohit Chauhan, Javed Ali

It is easily debatable that the movie ‘Rockstar (2011)’ was the best album of the decade and this particular articulation of ‘sufiyana andaaz’ was the stand-out track of this award-winning album. The mesmerising vibe of this song is orchestrated by the legendary A.R Rahman with Javed Ali and Mohit Chauhan providing the perfect assistance for an award winning composition for the ‘ Best Portrayal Of Sufi Tradition’ according to Mirchi Music. Rest assured, you will get lost in the serenity of the chaotic calmness of Sufi music with a tinge of modern day guitar just to add a cherry on top of a wonderfully represented cake.

2. Jumma Chumma De De - Sudesh Bhosle

This all-time classic dates back to the year 1991 and has been an evergreen party song that still resides in almost every DJ’s album. The hippy tune and catchy lyrics appeals to the ear in such an utterly intoxicating way that you can not help but shake a leg on the dance floor. To top it all off Amitabh Bachchan is at his expressive and performing peak. Even after 28 years, there is something about this song that just makes it irresistible for one to not succumb to the beats and enjoy the groove. Also, the nostalgic trip that the ‘90s kids’ go through makes it a memory worth even more cherishing all over again.

3. Tera Yaar Hoon Mai - Arijit Singh

Over the years, songs that depict the loveliness of friendship have always been close to people’s hearts. Be it the evergreen classics like, ‘Tere Jaise Yaar Kaha’, ‘Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge’, or modern day singles like, ‘Yaaro Dosti’ there is always a huge carton of memories that just coincide with such songs. This proficiently song sung by the music legend of the present day Arijit Singh guarantees profound numbness in the tear glands of almost every friend out there. The unambiguous lyrics are so relatable to each generation because it captures the real essence of ‘ Friendship’


4. Lukka Chuppi - A.R Rahman, Lata Mangeshkar

Two legendarily acclaimed personalities, Rahman and Lata Mangeshkar, joined forces to formulate this masterpiece which is guaranteed to give you Goosebumps. The movie Rang De Basanti was the best movie of the year that portrayed a wide array of emotions and this song is the perfect reflection of how impactful mere instruments, set of lyrics and two voices can be while in practice. The song is a dialogue between a mother and a son which calls out to each and every mother or son in real life listening to this beautiful song.


5. Kahi Toh Hogi Woh - Rashid Ali

“Kahi toh hogi woh” is one classic that you sit down your glass of whiskey with and reminisce on all

the lost loves (that you probably never had). No but for real, this song has been tailored to cater to

any mood. “Janey who hai bhi ya nahi”, brings forward all those inhibitions that we keep locked up

in the dark corners of our heart- which makes it so relatable. Mid song the tempo changes to a more

intense version, pushing out everyone’s hidden ardent lover out. Rashid Ali rose to fame because of

this song, and after listening to this five minute enigma, you will nothing but nod with tears in your eyes.