Islamic Spirituality.. "Do Not Be Afraid; I Am With You All The Time".

Tarnima Adham
Oct 31, 2020   •  54 views

Islam is the religion of peace, peaceful in all aspects whether it is logically based or spiritually based. just turn off your mind for some time, as everything isn't based on logic, there is a spiritual aspect you should tend to, in order to feel that peace of islam inside your soul. You should know the meanings and the deepest values of life from Islamic aspect. Surely, you know that you are alive to serve god in the first place. You only know that is a must. But have you ever thought about serving God in another way? Have you ever thought that you really can benefit mentally from these actions?

Considering your prayers, The prayers are not just movements of your joints and production of synovial fluid. They do have a deeper meaning. Through them, You can talk to Allah honestly, talk whenever you want to do so, talk without faking your feelings, shortening your words, talk without being judged. Even without saying a word, he knows what's going on in your mind.. But still listens for your comfort and Relief. Have you thought of praying whenever you're down or when you're passing through many problems? Just like talking to one of your friends knowing that Allah is the best friend you can have! It is like having a therapy session , getting out all your negative and bad thoughts, forgetting completely about them. Allah is here for you anytime, just this concept can make your mind calm and heal your broken heart whenever you are willing to start overthinking or start being anxious about anything. Literally, I feel like Islam is the best religion having this strong spiritual connection between the servants and their lord.

When you feel some kind of loneliness cause you have no friends or there are no people around you for support, or you are some kind of introverted person who prefers to not talk about his problems and keep them for himself or you just can't express your feelings to anybody, God is here for your support, talk honestly to him, complain about all of your problems, reveal all of your unrevealed secrets, cry and cry till you have no more tears. There is nobody to judge you, no attention to be told that you're seeking for, it is all just between you and God so try to keep this pure connection throughout your life.

" The best of sinners are those who repent".. when you've just sinned and then you realize what you have done, there are two completely different scenarios considering forgiveness and accepting repentance. People will always -whether intentionally or unintentionally- blame you and point out your mistakes in front of others.. Maybe they will forgive but they will not forget about it. They will always remember and remind you of your mistakes and sins. Considering God, he is the forgiving and the most merciful."O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me, and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind". This hadith indicates how vast Allah's mercy and generosity is! Allah is waiting for you to ask for forgiveness and repent genuinely and he'll forget all about it. Allah is the most forgiving one if you made a particular sin, no matter how large it may be, he will surely forgive you. He is also the very forgiving one which means if you repeated the same sin he will still forgive you when you ask for forgiveness. Every time you realize what you're doing and return to God asking for repentance, it can be accepted because of Allah's infinite mercy. Surely people won't forgive you whenever you're wrong. That's why Allah is always the best companion.

Whenever you start being anxious, remember that the islamic spirituality keeps telling you " Allah is always with you wherever you are".