Reletionship Is Most Important,If You Want To Live!

Mar 23, 2020   •  6 views

   “How can we get back to the normal life? Somthing is really complicated between us, isn't it?” She is thinking.

But is she working for that..?   

So everyone is in love with something ,living or non living thing. But are you maintaining this reletion? This is most important part in our life. Invest if you want it return. Here, we are taking things for granted. Everything ,everyday, our parents, children, friends,and spouses. What do you think,  if One day this all will be vanished!

Dont let it go ,dear !

its yours and you deserve it! Work on your every relationship.


you need to express your love and feelings,everytime. How do they know, what you are thinking? And why you are expecting without a word? We both are not The God.


yes. They are giving their precious time to you. They are giving you the most beautiful thing in the world. You should be thankful. Especially, to our parents. We don't know , what is next . Don't waste your this minute to postpone your gratitude.


no matter what they had given you. No matter what you have to give ,no matter what it cost, or no matter if its too late. But Giving something is best feeling ever. At least, you can give them few Good Words in a day. You see the best feeling when they were giving you what you wanted. Now, its your turn. Not so much money not so much time. Some love and some good loving words!


Do you know , what is important for you? Your ego or this relationship? It will decide you view. I know it was not your mistake. I know may be it was wrong with you. I know this is not okay. But who is important for you , this small mistake or that person? Just honest sorry. 


What if still it is not working? Simple. Let it go. Don't try to hold. It will ruin your mental health. May be its not for You. Sometimes, these complications teach us to handle your nature. Trial and error is our pattern. We are in search till we get good match! If its about family reletions, don't comment , don't interfere . Your experiences and your power of handling situations is your strength. Take it as an experience!

So guys, relationship is important ,But you need to work on it.  Nothing will stay forever.  they need you and You need them.