5 Problem Introverts Can Relate To

Swagata Kashyap
May 13, 2019   •  128 views

Today let’s talk about a topic that I can relate to on a spiritual level--Introversion.

An introvert is someone who prefers calm, minimally stimulating environments. Introverts tend to feel drained out after socializing and regain their energy by spending time alone. This is largely because their brains respond to dopamine differently than an extrovert’s brain. Introverts are mainly of 4 types-

  • Social

Social introverts are the typical types of introverts, if you may. They do not like big gatherings and don’t do well in a socialsituation. More often than not, they are mistaken to be ‘shy’. Infact introverts are not at all shy. They open up infront of the people they trust. They can be fun to be around, once you get to know them. They prefer to be in small groups rather than a big, fat group.

  • Anxious

These kind of introverts get super anxious in social situations. A social introvert may not attend a party not because he hates social gatherings, but because being in large social situation makes them super anxious. Hence, they prefer solitude. These type of introverts like to be alone and think or reflect on life.

  • Restrained

Restrained introverts like to take time when doing things. They like to think about their actions before doing something. They tend to think before they speak or make a move. They may like to be social gathering, but only after they get used to the situation.

  • Thinking

Thinking introverts like to think about anything and everything. They are usually found daydreaming and being in their own sweet world. They also believe in self reflection and analysis.

Being an introvert comes with a lot of struggles. Following are 5 problems that an introvert can relate to:

1.Alone time
I cannot stress enough how important alone time is for an introvert. We need this alone time to recharge ourselves from all the exhausting social interactions. A lot of times, our need for some alone time is misunderstood with uninterest. In so many situations, i tend to decline an offer for ‘hanging out’ with my friends JUST BECAUSE I need some alone time. We obviously love hanging out with our friends and feel bad not going out with them thinking we might have hurt the person by showing disinterest. But the truth is we need that lone time to recharge. We don’t want to come off as rude or uninterested and hence always have an internal battle on whether to take care of ourself or keep our friends happy.

2.Suffering from small talk

Us introverts HATE engaging in small talk. We don’t see the point in talking about the weather or stating something very obvious. We like deep conversations with the people we’re comfortable with. But ofcourse we cannot avoid a situation with cringy small talks. When someone you don’t know tries to engage in small talk and your replies are short and to the point- you’re already cringing because it’s small talk and moreover you feel bad and stupid because you’re not adding any flair to the conversation. More often than not, you fail to ask them a question back and it’s just a one sided effort.


Although introverts can be some of the best motivational speakers with their deep, meaningful speeches some of us are still TERRIFIED to speak infront of a crowd. We hate the attention and get very anxious when we have to perform infront of a crowd, especially for Anxious introverts. We feel out of our element and our worst nightmares breathe into life. Everytime I had to do a presentation infront of the class, I’ll get very anxious and screw up the whole thing. Of course we can improve with practice but it’s still our worst nightmare. Generally introverts tend to work better behind the scenes. They can do tremendous work behind the scenes where they don’t have to face a big audience. Although it might seem like they’re not doing much on the surface they actually have rich inner lives that are usually more fulfilling than everyday life. Introverts can make some of the best storywriters, authors, scientists, etc.

4.Coming off as depressed
Since we don’t talk much and always end up in a corner somewhere (with peace, may i add) people confuse this solitude with depression. Many a times people come up to me and ask if something’s wrong or why am I sad just because i don’t talk much. For some reason, a lot of people consider introverts to be depressed and introversion to be a disorder. How sad is that? No it is not a disorder and it is perfectly fine for someone to be alone and not be surrounded by people. This also does not have to be compared with self obsession or egoistic behaviour.

5.Misinterpreted barriers

We don’t make the best first impression. People that we’ve just met, tend to think we’re stuck up or have ego problem just because we don’t talk much or lay our life’s story infront of a plate during the first encounter. Introverts find it very hard to open up and trust someone. But once they get to know you and trust you they can open up quite easily. So many time I thought people hated me because I came off as rude for not being an open book.



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