“Anxiety” and “Depression”..

Don't they seem like such heavy words .Yeah, they do. Those facing these issues go through so much , although there can be many reasons for the same.

In the era of physical fitness , people spending almost half of their incomes to stay fit , follow diet plans , gyms etc mental wellness is equally important. In fact , if one is mentally well , happy , it automatically leads to his physical well being. Whereas if one has poor mental health every other thing gets disbalanced, in short , it affects various health issues.


Mental and emotional wellness is equally important to physical well being. Physical diseases and ailments can be easily cured as compared to mental illnesses, which can not necessarily be cured. It is actually long term process , sometimes, can even take person's life when he's not willing to live and going through so much , all alone.

Most of the problems that lead to devastated mental state are as follows :-

Unsatisfying relationships

If a person is not that good at keeping up his relationships , for whatever reason , he often tends to develop anxiety and depression due to the melancholy and grief for the same

A dubious mind

If a person's mind is conflicting . He lacks decision making , is always confused. He is prone to anxiety and depression because of so much running on mind and incompletion of tasks

Failures and Rejection

If a person has gone through various failures and rejections in life , like in career or relationships after few attempts or more , he might feel lone , anxious and depressed for long.


An optimistic person is positive whereas a pessismtic is negative , who has a negative approach towards life. A pessimistic person is always anxious and worried . He can never be happy .

Social anxiety and Introvertism

A person with social anxiety and those who are introverts also tend to feel anxious and depressed at times

These were some of the causes that brings anxiety and depression to existence.

There are , however , various methods and techniques now to prevent /cure anxiety and depression. Firstly , the victim must seek mental healing by consulting a good psychologist . A psychologist might use techniques like talk therapy, catharsis, confession , etc.

Some self help techniques include Introspection. Laughter is another one and I guess , most effective .