In the era of digital media, where world has became small, economies have widen up,people came virtually closer, but we are alone in reality. It might sound weird but, the sad truth is at the end of the day we have no one to talk to. We feel emotionally unstable, sometimes happiness and sometimes lonliness all are faced by us alone.

I get it you must be thinking that we have our parents and friends to talk to, to share to. Right?

Well it is partially true, but if you self introspect, at times you would feel alone, all alone. On the other hand if you observe your friends behaviour you would agree that, “friends forever” is a myth. If you have that one friend whom you can openly talk to about anything and everything without any tension, you are blessed.

Although, most of us don’t have those #bffgoals kind of friend partner. At times, in some situation, in some circumstances we feel so broke deep down that we literally want to scream loud and cry.

Now the way you can overcome this situation is, start loving yourself more. In the race of pleasing society, family and everyone around, you forget your happiness, your love towards you.

The day you will start loving yourself is the day you will be complete, you will be free and you will face no disappointments, no regrets as well. And that’s your power, your strength to face this cruel and alone world.

Instagram, snapchat stories of everyone portrays them in a way that are happy with life, they have no regrets, have many close ones, but we all know the reality. You and me are the part of that false virtual life we tend to show. But we actually feel alone.

If you love yourself, you won’t feel that you are alone, you will be determined that no matter what you are strong. And that’s something which will help you overcome your lonliness.

Altough it is even good to be alone, spending time with most important person your life that is ‘you’.

You can’t be together all the time, sometimes you need to step out alone and let tears fell.



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