The Problem With Political Neutrality

Suvarna Chandrachoodan
Apr 27, 2019   •  64 views

I am political. I have my opinion and sides in everything happening and being said in this country. A girl is raped, cyber bullied or accused for her existence as a girl. I take my sides there. I hear Mandir and masjid topping election debates than education and health. There also I have my sides. I see eduction being nationally sponsored and depoliticised. I have my words there too. And finally when I am asked to prove my nationalism and restrain from criticising the government.... I speak more.

“ What is new in this? Everybody does this”

"Is it? Then sorry for being blind butI don’t see anyone doing it."

People seem to be comfortable with “ oh! I am not in to politics”, “ I am politically neutral” and “ I don’t know anything about politics”.

The lamest definition of politics is anything and everything concerning power. So you are political when you are having a say in the way power is exercises or maintained. In all the above situations where I raised my voice I was questioning the power structure and the hierarchy it created.Nothing but the power structure of patriarchy that places men above women leads to violence against women. And those in power( the government) will always maintain power by suppressing the voice of dissent.

Having proven that political neutrality is an impossible stand, let us move towards the hushed voice of dissent in this country. You were in streets for Nirbhaya incident; every time another rape story hits the headlines your tweets are ever more sympathetic and unapologetic. But two days later you hum “ Tu cheez badi hai mast mast” and move on.

With rapes and few other injustices there is at least a dissenting voice. But have you ever wondered about those bunch of people who talk and criticise with enthusiasm about the government, political parties and leaders. Yes they do exist even though many outcast them from our groups for being political and intellectual. Though boring I see the future of my country in them than all the cool gangs out there.

“So why don’t we talk about governments”

“ it’s all going to be same. We need to work if we need a life”

“ They are all an uneducated bunch of cows("oops! not cows, kyuki gau hamari mata hai _/\_" )

I believe that the system we follow has many loopholes. But not talking about it is not going to work. Talk about and against the system and people who run the system . This is the only way to reform it. Above all we have to be political not for personal benefits but for the sake oflarger ideals like democracy, equality, tolerance etc.

Next time when a political debate is around . Don’t run from it. And if it’s about a leader do not evaluate him with the salary hike he gave you but on how far is he following the ideals of our Constitution.

This summer let’s all turn political!