Another girl there,

Another girl there,

Society we call it ,

We call it a nation.

Yet another girl raped.

Understanding we call it,

We call it respect,

Receive the newspaper,

Read .

Another girl raped.

They are secure they say,

No need of a break,

Yet another girl raped.

India we call it,

Bharat we  call it,

Hindustan we say.

OR ?

The rape capital?

We are ashamed they say,

Sorry for the inconvenience they say.

Inconvenience huh ?

Yet another girl raped.

“We need a change’’ the newspaper reads,

Times for a change says the newsreader,

“Mere bhaiyyon aur behnon” says the minister,

Yet another girl raped.

She cannot walk alone?

Why can’t she?

She will 

 She should .

They tweet.

And comment omg, lmao, huh.. they will?

Yet another girl raped.

She fights, she vies,

She cries, she dies,

She screams , she tries

A voice is heard,

Yet another girl raped.

“Can we change?” they ask,

“Can we stop it please” they question

Oh yeah we can they say,

Yet another girl raped.



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