Marital Rape: Is Still A Taboo!

Kajal Singh
Jan 06, 2021   •  101 views

“When a unknown does it, he doesn’t know me, I don’t know him. He’s not doing it to me as an individual, personally. along with your husband, it becomes personal. You say, this man knows me. He is aware of my feelings. He is aware of me intimately so to try to to this to me – it’s such a personal abuse.”

Marital rape or spousal rape is the act of sexual activity with one's partner without the spouse's consent. the lack of consent is that the essential element and need not involve physical violence. marital rape is thought-about a form of violence and sexual abuse.

Women in india face such disrespect and humiliation behind close doors daily, to the extent that they settle for it as their fate. Most girls never raise their voice against such abuse as a result of they fail to even recognise this as abuse. Since childhood, they have seen their fathers and elders behave in similar ways in which, so for them, this constant misconduct becomes a section of their life.Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors sheds light on what exactly happens behind closed doors in married life. It displays how one person can overpower an entire relationship in the name of love and what are its consequences. It's time to raise a stern voice against the brutal crime of marital rape and abuse, conditioned by a happy marriage taboo that has been created by society. It's a pain that most educated or uneducated men or women face with silence

Can an ideal father to a adolescent daughter rape his wife|woman|adult female|spouse|partner|married person|mate|better half} behind closed doors? will a professional and powerful woman fall prey to misogynism in the confines of her home? The unlikely answers to each these uncomfortable queries is yes, and sometimes the victim herself is unaware of the reality. Criminal Justice Behind Closed Doors takes a peek within the luxurious homes of the rich and therefore the powerful, and therefore the truths that lurk there.

Many of you might be really wondering why don’t women say a NO. Well, it’s a lot more difficult than it appears. generally women stay in sexually abusive marriages as a result of they're financially and emotionally dependent on their husbands; other times, some marital rape victims don’t realize they're raped. they're beneath the mistaken impression that partners cannot rape one another. there's also the no-one-will-believe-me worry. The shock of being violated by the one person who vowed to shield you in illness and in health. 

Marriage mustn't be the licence to sex. simply because a woman is married to a person doesn't make him entitled to sexual pleasures at his own will.Whether you're married or not, consent is paramount", a wedding mustn't be viewed as a licence for a husband to forcibly rape his partner with impunity.

Regardless of a woman’s marital status with regard to her rapist; if there's no consent, it is rape. A wife has constant right to control her own body as will an unmarried woman.

Marital rape is a common practice in this country because the majority don't understand that this can be wrong and disrespectful. And even after they do, there's no way for them to get justice. This puts women in a very tough position and makes them helpless in their own homes. for women to be empowered, they ought to be given absolute control of their bodies and married or not, rape means rape.

Marital rape is taboo to speak about because the marriage is the redeeming of the woman to the person.Thus, sexual violence against women was perceived as a theft of that woman from the male members of her family especially her husband because the husband was the sole one allowed to have sexual relations with the partner. Through this married women were reduced to objects within the eyes of the law who couldn't probably be raped by their husbands as their husbands were their ‘lawful’ owners. All this appears to stem from denying women autonomy over their bodies. until society realizes that the bodies of women don't seem to be objects to handed around, problems such marital rape and domestic violence are tough to pass against. domestic violence and marital rape given women both physical and mental stress

There is a huge stigma regarding marital rape or domestic violence in general. In a society like ours, victim shaming is common and that’s one of the reasons why women hesitate to report abuses. Things like separation, legal confrontation, and divorce are looked down upon and most of the women refuse to leave their abusive partners. Instead, they seek advice on how to manage the situation. Staying with the aggressor and his family often takes a toll on women’s health and this needs to stop. Marital or non-marital, rape is rape and the government should deal with this issue with utmost urgency.

Stop! women aren’t commodities. marital rape remains a violation. women don't belong to their husbands. Rape within marriage isn’t any sort of love. It’s a form of violence and sexual assault. A NO means a NO.

I hope that this article builds confidence in women in order that they will speak against such acts of crime, and not keep one's mouth shut due to societal pressures.