Expectations Of Today's Youth From Their Political Leaders

Sona Chaudhary
Jul 24, 2019   •  53 views

India has the largest democracy in the world. That means as an Indian citizen we have the maximum number of rights and freedom. And the right which tops this list is Right to vote i.e Right to choose our leader.

But do we really use our rights in right way? The question is not what we are expecting from our political leaders but what we are actually doing ourselves as well? Most of the youth don’t even cast their vote. They prefer to stay at home than going for casting vote.Every youth say India needs more youth in politics. But if we do a quick survey majority of educated youths are not even interested in joining politics. Because according to them it’s a bog of mud in which if they enter they will trapped into corruption and other issues. But they forgot that if they want to improve the system they have to become the part of system. Otherwise nobody will fulfil their expectation.

As a youth what else do we expect from our political leaders? What major changes we want to bring in our nation. The first emerging need of today’s youth is employment.Population of India is increasing every year. And as a result employment need is also rising, but employment is not meeting the requirements of population of india.

The survey, conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) between July 2017 and June 2018, showed that the unemployment rate stood at 6.1 percent, higher than the previous high point reached in 1972-1973, local media reported.

Government needs to generate more employment opportunities for the people of all segments. We need more schemes of funding for people who have innovative ideas to generate more employment opportunities. However government has started various schemes to support start-ups in every field. But we need more such initiatives not only by the government but also by people. Government has to increase the awareness among people and should also motivate them to start something of their own which will eventually increase the employment opportunities for people.

The other thing which we want to change is India’s education system. In India the education system is more focused towards theoretical knowledge and knowledge development rather than practical knowledge and skill development. And as a result it takes times for students to work for the growing needs in corporate world and to prepare themselves accordingly.

Also in Indian education system we are more focused on bookish knowledge and hardly focus on improving the moral values of children. We work to improve their IQ but we never work to improve their Social intelligence and Emotional Intelligence and as a result they find difficult to deal with people and deal with their own emotions. It becomes difficult for them to accept their failures and sometimes they even end up in suicide.

The rate of students pursuing higher degrees are decreasing every year. There are so many reasons behind that mjorly lack of infrastructure, no reputed teachers, less number of programs etc.

Emotional Intelligence, secondly now is not only limited to personal life. It also becomes an important part of professional and corporate world. Leadership qualities and motivated people are need of corporate world and a person can never acquired this through his IQ for that he always need a strong EQ and SQ. And that,s where our education system is lacking.

Also now it’s high time to give equal opportunities to everyone.