Some of the most critical issues in our society is defects in today’s education system.Majority of India are still in villages and most of the peoples from rural area are illiterate.We need our youth to be better educated and understand how education empower youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.From the age of six years, our young children’s need to get free education. Till the end of fourteen years compulsory education of all children is a Fundamental right.

If we consider the case of lack of girl child education,male dominated society is the main reasons for the lack of literacy rate of girls.We know that discrimination between the education of boys and girls is not a right thing.But most of the girl child’s from rural area spend their time for household activities.Hence their parents don’t give much consideration to send their daughters to school,they think education is not important for girls.So many of them never got a formal education.

Lack of awareness about importance of education among the tribal communities tend to back off them from pursuing education.sometimes traditional jobs followed by a community appeared to be a major reason for poor education status. Education is a necessity for the improvement of various fields of our country.We know that education will improve prosperity and contributes social stability.  

In schools and colleges the major problem is lack of practical knowledge.Our current education system is completely ignoring the needs of practical knowledge.After the exam all students are tend to forget the things they have studied for their examination.

Over the past decade we see that how does education give a better future to our children.But we need to urgently transform our education system to consider proficiency of students in a particular area.If we give more importance to practical knowledge and skill base education,we can overcome most of the challenges faced by our education system.So we need to consider all these factors to ”educate our youth”  to fulfill their impossible dreams.