First talk about past like ten years befor Distance Education was not thought a good means of educations because ‘to take degree’ is not the aim of a student from my point of view. The main base is the knowledge of that particular thing/subject which is to be obtained if and only we attain regular classes. But with the progress of science and technology .nowthe situation has been changed. Through T.V. Educational programmes the correspondence education can be made to be understood in better way as well as YOUTUBE .From my point of view now a days youtube is the best platform to learn new things .many students like 70-80 percent student like youtube to learn new things, because in youtube student got many more option like there are lots of videos of particular topic so that student got option . Due to this progress a question arises :

“Could distance education be a better alternative to the present education system? Why not?”

It has already got that status in india,not only in india I think whole world.I know some universities like IGNOU, KOTA OPEN UNIVERSITY, ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCATION(AIMA) etc, provide teaching facilities only through distance learning. Lakhs of studentsare getting education throughdistant education. Soon school education can follow this path in future. In india our Population is increasing so fastly,so Education is considered as more important factor to maintain the standard and status of a happy person. Distance Education system is getting popularity day by day ininda as well as in world. Now a days Distance Education has been a popular mode of learning anything not only for the formal courses but for professional courses like . M.B.A, M.C.A., C.A., I.C.W.A, B.C.A. M-TECH,DIPLOMA,ITI, and many other professional courses are available through distance learning, these days. However, the usefulness of this new mode has been accepted by the modern students without any hesitation and problems. The contribution of T.V. Programmes and youtube and other educational websites regarding Distance Education is praiseworthy.

I think It is full of possibilities to student.Distance education growing popularity itself explains the truth of it. But one trend is alarming in the today’s system specially in india that, Almost all institutes conducting such courses and they are basically interest in conductingexams and providing degrees or certificates to students. This is actually not a good trend. I think Improvement must be made in this regard because there are lots of disadvantages are student apply any course and got certificate even throught if he/she don’t have any idea about that course.

In India Many universities have understood the fact. This is the reason that many popular universities and institutions have separate directorates to conduct courses through distance learning, apart from their regular courses. This is good enough reason to understand their importance.

It is very good and better wayto those candidates who really want to gain their education ,because of some reason they have no time to attend regular classes. Distance education provides goldenopportunity for those students. It is an effective and better option to continue education as well your carrer.

Some say that this is easy way to obtain degrees anyhow. I have a question .How can it be an alternative to the formal education system?

I have some of the points that are:-Interaction between teachers and students, classroom experiences, etc, have their own role in the system. Distance learning cannot fullfil these needs or experiences. Education does not mean degrees only; it is much more than that. Before the source of education T.V. programme,youtube it may be right to some extent. But at present this correspondence method has taken a unique place in education system.Main point from my point of view is the interaction between student and teacher for good understanding.

No doubt, the distance education system has proved its powe and capabilities in today’s education system. It is a big hope for those students who do not get a seat in regular courses in a college. In these terms, it is a alternative to the present education system and well as better way to study for student also. But it has many limitations too. Before making it an alternative education system, we must be aware of these kind of things so that it will be the efficient and good/better education system in near future .we will try to make distance education good as much as possible in near future so that no one will arise a question about this.