Participation Of Youth In Politics

Vanshi Gupta
Sep 03, 2019   •  7 views

For the development of our country , politics plays an important role. Politics is not just about Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha or President, it's also about new laws , policies, schemes and developing plans which further includes youth. If we talk of development then it's quite obvious that we are talking about youth. But youth isn't ready to be that politician and change the nation.

Now if we look youth in politics, it is been observed that youth now a days are not really interested in politics. Every individual wants to be an engineer, doctor , a journalist but nobody want to be politician. There is this question that why youth isn't interested in politics? This question was answered by youth themselves and all of them answered the same. All of them said : politics now , is all about corruption , cheat and fake promises and fooling people. It is believed that those who are not educated chose politics as their career option. This is one of the main reason that youth isn't ready to enter into politics. Also politics is all about corruption and corrupt politicians, and youth doesn't want to be called as corrupt people that are destroying the nation.

The power of the youth

50% of India's population is youth . They are the future of our nation. If they will actively participate in politics then the nation is going to develop effectively and efficiently. Youth are the most productive form of human they are energetic, motivated and they have that passion to to something . The participation of youth in politics can change pattern of the working system.

If we want a better nation then its mandatory for youth to participate in politics. As they know what all changes do we need in our system and being youth they are more active , more intellect and more advanced . Youth have that power to make this system work in a proper manner . They actually know the loopholes in our system. Youth know how to cover these loopholes and overcome all the challenges.

There must be a balance between experienced people and new blood for betterment of the nation . Youth must be allowed to participate in politics. Youth needs to be motivated to contribute their part towards nation. Many initiatives has been taken by many schools to motivate youth and change their minds to participate in politics and contribute to the nation.