The Significance Of Student Politics.

Arkaprava Roy
Aug 18, 2019   •  223 views

"Politics", whenever we listen the term politics we create an image of a narrow minded policy which grabs the entire system with its curse. But the image of a student is far different from politics. The students are the future of a nation where the politics decides present of the students. Though both of them are totally distinguished from each other but still they are interconnected with system.

Every person thinks or wish to have a positive change in the political system which will ensure the true integrity and the prosperity of their nation. To have that change in the politics we need a revolution and every revolution demands a revolutionary leader. Unfortunately the mindset of the parents are different, they wish to have an ideal revolutionary figure but that should be someone else's son or daughter not their own child. They don't want to put their child or themselves in a situation where they might be attacked by the dishonest political forces. Instead of trying to change the system they start to abuse the politics. There were time in the past when some of the great, honest, selfless persons were attached with politics but as the day progress the politics has been crowded by some dishonest, selfish, disloyal persons. Those very persons are trying to use politics as there own source to achieve benefits. It is the basic outline of present corrupted political scenario of the world.

In comparison to the mainstream politics, the student politics is entirely different. Real problem is that as a man grows up and starts to learn how to deceive others or how to be dishonest for the sake of himself. So it is the student politics which is less mature than the mainstream politics. Within the periphery of the campus, the students demand and protest for the prosperity and development of their study necessities and that culture of winning demands, protesting against the authorities, it is the student politics which inbuilt a sole of "protesting against the wrong". Now a days most of the countries are democratic they choose their government or their statemen. The student politics is the part of student life, helping the students to fertilize a political knowledge to pick the right person to represent them in the parliament.Before entering into the web of complex political choices, it helps them to build a strong political character.

Most of the intellectual persons fired a allegation against the student politics that it is very violent and claim that it should be abolished. But the real fact is, the mainstream politics is much more violent then the student's. We have witnessed some unfortunate and undemocratic violent, like EVM malfunctioning, ballot papers ware burned, many political workers were killed by both the parties. But unfortunately those intellectual persons never claimed that the mainstream politics should be abolished. It is really unfortunate that every time they try to destroy the democratic system of the campus. Student politics is always less violent than the mainstream politics.

To sum up we can say, many revolution took place in various countries in different times. Every time it is the student and the youth who comes out with the new Idea, with the new thought of ideology, with the new way to change the dynamic of the society or to destroy the curse of colonization. So until unless the youth of our generation takes active part in the politics the true aspiration or the development will not gonna take its fulfillment.



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Well written 👌
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A political ideology is always good to make a goof character