Effect Of Virtual World On Reality

Sona Chaudhary
Jul 04, 2019   •  49 views

I posted a new pic on instagram yesterday; I was very excited about how many likes I will get. So I woke up early next morning and checked my profile to see how many comments and likes I received. But as usual end up with only few. Even my closest friends just liked the post and didn’t even comment. I felt heartbroken for some time I was feeling as alone as I don’t even exist in this world. That feeling was awkward. But at the very next moment I started smiling and I realize that it is a virtual world. And even if I received thousands of likes it doesn’t make a change. I will remain that same shy, introvert person for whom it's difficult to face the world and to meet new people.

This is not only my story. This is the story of every adolescent and youth this time. Social media has changed our lifestyle. Our day starts with it and ends with it. It becomes an important part of our life. It becomes difficult for us now to imagine our life without it. It becomes an addiction. This virtual world has taken all our attention. We can spend our whole day just by scrolling instagram posts and memes all days.

Our main motive is just to impress the people on virtual world and we totally forget about what is happening in reality. We hardly enjoy the moment in which we are living rather we are more focused on posting the pictures on social media. But it’s important to remember that reality is more happening with more focus on you and only you and with less or no judgement at all. Posting picture of food before eating becomes a trend where everyone is following the other just to follow the trend. Sharing the food is in our human values not sharing its picture. We forgot about our human values of helping others, to be kind and polite with everyone. Rather we are just too busy in making ourselves look cool in front of those who hardly care.

Jio brings a new era in internet world. It has also changed our life to a great extent. The free data packs are like a blessing for us. And the introduction of jio also forced the other companies to reduce the prize for their data packs in order to survive in this competitive market as everyone started switching to jio.

However it is like a gift for us which is helping us to do our work fast and effectively. But also at the same time it becomes a perfect tool for time pass and to comment on other person’s lifestyle. Everything seems ok until it is only going towards the right direction when interference exceeds a limit it starts affecting privacy of the person.

Social media is actually not a bad thing rather we are using it in a bad way. Otherwise it is a great medium to meet and connect to new people both personally and professionally. Whether you want to make a new friend or want to join someone professionally. For professional there are plenty of groups on facebook and other social media sites such as telegram which will update you about the latest news and information. For example if your dream is to become an entrepreneur there are various groups on social media sites which will update you about all the information including funding and implementation of idea. There is a long list of advantages of social media but the point is how efficiently we are using it and for what purpose actually we are using it. Use social media but use it in a safe way. Prevent yourself from cyber crimes.



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