In this era of fast-paced generation, social media is one of the basic gizmo used for refreshment, awareness, and entertainment. A social network is an online platform that helps in building social interactions and relationships using various social apps and sites. Earlier Facebook and twitter was the most popular platform used for socializing, nowadays many others like Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, WhatsApp, etc. have also occupied space in the picture. Social media has a very astonishing ability to make any unknown, famous. It can turn any unaware news into headlines irrespective of it is true or fake. It can literally transform “anything” common to popular and grand. But unfortunately, it works the other way round too. Social media is all about posting, commenting, liking and sharing.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays, in fact, it is the only platform that is actually handled by stars and famous personalities all by themselves. Hence Instagram helps in connecting and disconnecting people. Why “disconnecting”? It will be gain transparency further.

• What are “Instagram likes”?

“INSTAGRAM LIKES” by definition are just some clicks on the heart-shaped icon, below any post. But actually “INSTAGRAM LIKES” has a lot more hidden inside. These clicks give any post a powerful ability to influence others. The more likes the more is the power. Therefore our individual “Instagram like” always needs to go to the right place. There are several posts on Instagram which nowhere needs to be strengthened and there are some posts that are actually underrated and need encouragement. It is the sole duty of the user to distinguish between the two of them and act accordingly. This powerful ability to any post is granted by one individual like by us as an individual.

The process starts this way, whenever you “like a post”, it shows that you are interested in it and most of the time you automatically tend to share it with your friends, who if love it will do the same and in this way, this chain of “friends of friends” goes on and on and you end up in donating a huge amount of likes to that post which automatically makes it popular, hence think before actually hitting that heart icon.

• Effects of “LIKES” globally and individually.

Instagram likes can influence both on a global and individual level. The global effects are quite clear as these likes can make a post huge hit and trending thus making it famous. But the working of these “likes” at an individual level is a little tricky one.

Whenever you like a post from your feed, the app automatically starts filling your searches and feed with similar post hence you get more of it, hence if you hit a like to a post which can alter your thinking or actions in a “not so nice” way you might get more and more of it and with time the changes in your actions and thoughts could be noticeable.

Another important point is whenever you like a post, your name is displayed below it to the friends who are followed by you and to whom you are following. It clearly displays “liked by name1, name2, etc.” hence giving information about your personal choices thus this definitely creates and an impression on others, moreover by sharing those post which you like to the friends also tell a lot about your way of thinking hence the person makes a whole new image of you which can be or cannot be true. But since “virtual chatting” is quite different from “real-life talking” that image is more or less permanent. Therefore might contribute to disconnecting you from some people who might have been really good acquaintances had they known you more in a better way.

Hence Instagram likes can make anything famous, and by anything, I mean anything it could be a dance step, a tikor video, a challenge, a meme, a quote, a line, even a word.

• It all starts with you!

So you see that “INSTAGRAM LIKES” comes from one “INSTAGRAM LIKE” which is a contribution of an individual. So think before liking any video, photograph, quote, any post because not only it displays your thoughts and way of thinking but also automatically converts that very ordinary, unknown, not-so influencing post into extraordinary, famous and influencing one. So as a responsible social media user you must analyze that whether that post is worthy and needs a push or whether instead of liking should be “reported” and pulled down because we the people of the society are the only creator and destroyers of our own society and its thoughts.