Why Do People Share Content At Various Social Platforms?

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In this modern era, we all are connected via social media with the use of the internet. The internet is a very wonderful thing that has ever discovered in an entire universe.

Besides this, the sad truth is that most of us are too busy over their mobile phones for the purpose of entertainment mostly.

People are sharing various content at different platforms.

Like, sharing meme in their story, Whats App status; sharing the posts of the Instagram in DM’s of their friends; sharing YouTube videos links, etc, etc.

Let’s think the backside of these all things.

And that is - why do we share these things?

Before getting ahead, do we know when we share these all?

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When we share content?

Yesterday, one of my friends has shared a poem on my Instagram DM. It was about Nature, like nature poetry, that was really beautiful. I asked him for this sudden share.

Actually, he went for a trek at a hill station. While scrolling feed, he found that poem and shared with me.

So, a really basic thing to observe here is that he was in the phase of natural climate. Once he was reflected by the same, he reacted to that post, commented and shared as well.

When we get to reflect on our daily doings, we get reacted to.

There is also another aspect of when we share stuff.

It’s somewhat similar to the above quote for reflection. When we reflect on the posts of our liking, we simply share it with the people who are having the same interest.

Thus, we can say that we share posts when

1.Current Situation relates

2.Liking Posts Appeared in feed

Then why do we share?

Why do we share such content?

People share the content of any company, organization or related to their page, any meme page because of these major reasons:

1. To show off who they are

2. To make others jealous

3. To let others know what they feel

4. To value others

Showing Off

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Show-Off (Source : HotelNewsResource)

Mostly, around us, people are having luxurious content in their feed as so-called “happy life”.

They are busy buying costly and trendy products not for themselves but for telling others what they’ve bought.

Some people update their stories, status and feed daily on their activities showing their life like there’s no point of privacy.

The people who show-off at social media are not aware of themselves and are emotionally unstable. These people are highly influenced by strong trends.

Signs Of People Showing Off in social media

  • Sharing only trends

  • Posting their meal pics

  • Updating what they’ve recently bought

  • Highly active in sharing content

Making others jealous

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Jealous (Source : DorkDiaries)

Now, this is almost related to the previous one. Showing off literally shows you are making someone jealous about.

Here, they share stuff related to their doings that makes no sense. It’s like there’s nothing to lose watching their shared content because knowing it or not doesn’t make any difference.

Their posts are related to their so-called branded products. Sometimes, they share to ignite jealousy towards particular people around their surroundings.

Signs Of People Making others jealous

  • Shared Content is like a waste of time

  • Discussing offline their shared piece

  • Target particular people

Letting others what they feel

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Feeling (Source : ElunaNetwork)

Well, consuming the shared content of these people at least let you know about them. They are not wanting you to consider such strongly yet eagerly sharing this to let you know what they genuinely are.

Sometimes, it seems show-off but not really as compared to those who discuss trends always. These people also share their life doings, but not tend to hurt anyone in most of the cases.

Ignoring exception cases, these types of people share posts having their opinions on their liking and disliking.

Signs Of People Letting others what they feel

  • Most of the time, they are honest

  • Rarely shares something

  • Wants to share what their liking-disliking and opinions

Valuing Others

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Value (Source : Renitakalhorn)


In this type, there are further 2 types - 1) Active; 2)Inactive

Those who are active on social media will share the content that only values the other person. That is, his/her shared content teaches you every time something new. Those who are inactive, are like people which we’ve seen the previous type.

If they are active, they’ll share only valuable content.

Signs Of People Valuing Others

  • Value your time

  • Not posting their life

  • Sometimes they won’t share content


Sharing content with true friends is absolutely a different scenario. In this case, friendship is first then content.

So, sharing memes, comedy, entertainment posts is all okay. Issues arise the moment you only do this.

Don’t be a confined person who shares only entertainment stuff, that’s important but the problem is most of us only do this.

Thank you for reaching out here!

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