Election 2019 - Victories And Defeats That Surprised Us

Shreya Fotedar
Jun 02, 2019   •  41 views

The Lok Sabha Elections of 2019 saw some shocking defeats and victories, leaders who have been winning certain constituencies multiple times, lost their respective constituencies. While new leaders and victories emerged that were unexcepted. It was known even before the election results were out that Prime Minister Modi will emerge victorious for the second time, but eyes were on a few constituencies that could make a difference with a few constituencies that we did not know will make the news that they did. Let's have a look what these key leaders victory and loss mean.

  • Mufti

Mehbooba Mufti, Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, lost to National Conference her constituency of Anantnag. That is not the only defeat PDP went through, the entire Kashmir region voted in favour of National Conference. When she was asked why did her party did not even win a single seat in the region, she said that the people in Kashmir were upset with the alliance they had with Bhartiya Janta Party, and therefore, have been punished by the people for letting a Hindu right wing party enter the valley. The alliance was called-off abruptly, and Mufti has been opposing the government in the centre ever since.

  • Atishi

Atishi Marlena was a key leader from East Delhi, who was excepted to win the seat and be a symbol of what India needs from it's leadership. She actually came third because of the character assisnation she faced in the hands of the BJP candidate Gautam Gambhir which resulted in her losing out on her votes getting divided between to Lovely Singh of the Congress and Gambir of the BJP. Her loss symbolizes the death of logic where Mandir is more important than School as her education reform of the Delhi schools really helped her make her mark in Indian politics.

  • Smriti Irani

With her win in Amethi, she has made the Congress realized that they are in serious danger. With Rahul Gandhi's loss, it confirms that the country including Amethi has gone beyond the Gandhi family and that Congress party has to do some radical changes in order to be accepted by the people once again, that will de-centralizing the power that Gandhi family holds within the party.

  • Pragya Singh Thakur

The constroverial leader, and terror-accused Pragya Thakur win from the Bhopal represent where India is headed. Yashwant Sinha in an interview was asked about what he thinks about her being fielded as a candidate, and he said if she wins it means India does not wish to be a socially inclusive society, instead wants the minority to suffer and wants Hindu Rashtra to be established. Her win symbolizes death of Indian secularism, and Indian people's wish for a Hindu nation.



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Aparna Gupta  •  4y  •  Reply
Modi government had it's place already set up. But yes, it was a massive win by BJP. I don't appreciate people like Mehbooba Mufti, just due to the fact that their thinking is the narrowest. Anyways, I read your blog n its splendid. Please check out my articles too.