Kashmir - Is There Any Solution?

Sona Chaudhary
Jul 24, 2019   •  39 views

Kashmir is the most beautiful and integral part of India. It is represented as heaven on earth. The more beautiful it is the more issues and controversies it is facing from the time of Partition of india and pakistan. The issue started when the Hindu Maharaja or King of Kashmir decided his Muslim majority state would join up not with Pakistan but India. The dispute resulted in wars and today Pakistan constitutes of one-third of Kashmir and India has two-thirds, including the Muslim majority, and Kashmir Valley. From the time of partition Pakistan always demanded for Kashmir. They always claimed for complete ownership of Kashmir. And India on the other hand never wants to lose Kashmir.

The Line of Control separating Indian- and Pakistani-covering Kashmir is 435 miles (700 km) wide.


India has 45% part of Kashmir which includes jammu and kashmir southern region.


Three areas are under Pakistan namely Azad Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan which constitutes the northern and western portions of the region, This part is 35% of Kashmir.


An area called Aksai Chin situated in northeastern part of the region, constituting 20% of Kashmir.

We all know very well what india and Pakistan wants and the reason for their rivalry and attacks on each other’s country. But the question is what Kashmir people want? How are they suffering from this rivalry? What kind of life they are living?

Both India and Pakistan answer differently to these questions. According to Pakistan India is repressing the aspirations of the Kashmiri people to join Pakistan or perhaps become independent.And if we focus on what India is saying , they are protecting the Kashmir from jihadi militantsa which are sent by malevolent Pakistani security apparatus.

But kashmiri are the only one which are facing the actual problem. Whether it comes to terrorist or military of India both are creating a problem for kashmiri people. Terrorists keep on attacking Kashmir which is making people feel unsafe to live in Kashmir but some of those people who support Pakistan or want to join Pakistan help the terrorists in hiding from the military. And as a result all the kashmiris have to suffer as Military try to find the terrorist in every house they doubt. As a result kashmiri started attacking military and want to leave india.

But they don’t want to join Pakistan as well. They now want an independent nation of their own without all this rivalry and fear of death all the time.

Everyone is right at its own place. And it’s not easy to find out a solution of Kashmir.

Nearly 90% people in kashmir demands for an independent state and only 3% agree with those who want to join pakistan and 7% still prefer to live in india only according to a poll in an Indian newspaper.

But down in Jammu, the state’s mainly Hindu winter capital in the plains to the south, 95 percent think Kashmir should be part of India.

This is neither the fault of Kashmiri nor the military but due to some reasons and people both are facing problem and living an unsafe life.