The Rise And Role Of Non-Governmental Organizations

Shinjini Dey
Jun 20, 2019   •  21 views

In India, right after our independence, several NGO’s were established, and we people also started to recognize our basic rights and that is freedom of speech, brotherhood, and equality, and also the educational importance for all. Our government made great efforts to develop India. Revolutions such asGreen revolutionandCommunity Development programswere also launched.

Although more than millions of NGO’s are seeking economic benefits initially, they proved to be unsuccessful. But since the late 1970s NGOs have played an increasingly prominent role in the development sector, widely praised for their strengths. NGOs have been increasingly advocated as a means with which the gulf between citizens’ needs and existing services can be bridged. However, the activities of NGOs have been more concentrated in service provision rather than in advocacy and empowerment.

It is a well-known fact that NGOs play a great role in nation development. NGOs have always given and are still giving their best in abolishing gender inequality that has also been practice since earlier times. Girls face many problems. They do no have the right to get proper education. NGO’s try to eliminate this evil from our societies.

Now, women have witnessed a whole new world due to the efforts of NGO’s and academic institutions. Currently, there are reports that show that there has been increments in the number of women workers. Also, it helps in maintaining a society which is free from all the biases and social evils. And so I believe that NGOs are setting an example of humanity. NGOs help in spreading the awareness and pressurize government when they fail to meet their duties.