Major Causes Of Female Foeticide In India

Ishan Arora
Dec 16, 2019   •  45 views

Female foeticide refers to the practice of killing the female fetus within the mother’s womb itself. The abortion of the female fetus is known as female foeticide. There are several causes of female foeticide in India. It is a major social problem in India, and its cause is the deep-rooted gender bias against females. Indian society has always been patriarchal, and the male child is often considered more ‘valuable’ than the female child. One of the prime causes of female foeticide in India is the dowry system. Although the practice of dowry has been declared illegal since 1961, it is still prevalent in India today. No matter what the causes of female foeticide are, there is no doubt that this barbaric practice is cruel and inhumane. As per the Child Sexual Ratio (CSR) data released by the Census of 2011, there are only 914 females per 1000 males. Despite criminalizing pre-natal sex determination, the practice of determining the sex of the unborn child, and aborting the female fetus still exists in India today. It is extremely unfortunate to see the causes of female foeticide prevail in Indian society. Due to the various causes of female foeticide, girls have to face extreme discrimination and biases at every stage of life.

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