How Would It Be To Travel A Place Without Knowing Its Details!

Nirmit Shah
Dec 17, 2019   •  1049 views

Most of us already know - When we travel, we change! 

Also, it’s really wonderful to take a break off from the working days.

Yes, to plan a trip for a change.

Unplanned trips are always gorgeous.

Relating to yours and my experiences we all are aware of this thing.

Aren’t we?

And most of the time, we decide the trip based on reviews.

Or sometimes watching videos and checking out photos along with its respective information.

But what if we decide to plan a trip without checking out any details or reviews? 

Planning only with its location & certain days for further.

Underrated benefits of travelling

Travel (Image Source : CanderBlog)

I’m a volunteer instructor of an Invincible NGO(For Trekking Camps).

So, wherever this NGO approaches us up to our free time, we must accept whichever place we come across.

Last week, I went for the same at Saputara Hill Station.

As a part of the NGO, I was arranged to volunteer in this place.

It happened all of a sudden just before 6 hours of the departure time.

Guess what? 

I searched or asked nothing regarding that place to anyone (& internet).

Because I just wanted to volunteer the people who came for the trek.

Fortunately, after reaching home, I’ve met with an idea.

The idea of introspection in planning a trip by just knowing it’s location and period of days to travel.

Thus, here I’ve initiated this writeup.

That is :

To Travel A Place Without Knowing Its Photos & Videos Or Any Details

Image result for travelling planning

Travelling Normally (Image Source : Travel+Leisure)

Let’s first try to understand what happens in normal cases.

Some people say the Northside is better to travel.

Some people suggest trek over the Southern part.

Whereas, some tells to plan it at the Central Part of the nation.

What Happens When We Travel With Knowing Reviews And Details?

Often, we go to the place that our relatives or friends have suggested.

Though after this most of us fall into two phases.

  1. When we miss the view (which was the most beautiful according to our friend), we get sad. We feel sad just because we missed it and our friend or relative didn’t.

  2. We tend to show off to our relative or friend who has not viewed the scenario.

That scenario which we had fortunately been through it. In most cases, we all fall into two further traps which is 

  1. How lucky are they and how unlucky we are to view it.

  2. How unlucky are they and how lucky we are to view it.

I really don’t understand, why do we compare with others in traveling too? Though traveling is fun, we are chasing here as well. Huh?!

Indeed the reviews are good to get an exact outline of the desired place.

But what if we at least try to visit the place without feeding information about it.

May that place is worth traveling or not.

Cannot we at least give a try?

What Happens When We Try This Out?

Free From Expectations 

First and foremost, we never try to judge the place.

Or even though we expect somewhat little, it won’t affect majorly.

Because we are totally unknown.

Now, accepting the scenario, view of the place, we will allow every aspect of traveling along further.

There might be some views that were not sighted by anyone else, but you would see it.

It’s because we were not bonded strongly with a good or bad place.

But to travel a place.

Yes, all within, pretty so fine being.

Being Still With Nature

We all know that the majority of people enjoy taking selfies, photos, and videos.

No doubt about clicking it in terms of memories.

But traveling is not clicking photos. It’s way beyond it.

If we try to plan a trip in the way this writeup is directed, then I guess there might be the call of feeling nature. And not just clicking it.


Sunset At Saputara 

Moving back and forth

Traveling north to south

Walking down to the road

Climbing the mountain for a waterfall.

Nature is Nature

There’s no adjective to describe it’s quality.

Nature itself is nature. And it itself is serenity.

Joyfulness Even In missing the places

Well, I love this part.

S’pose there is a schedule to cover 5-6 famous places.

And we are lacking in time to cover some of them.

Even after this situation, we almost won’t hesitate to miss those places.

You know why?

Because we are not planning to cover such places.

But to travel and feel it. It might look like we missed it yet we will still be happy enjoying traveling.

Travelling doesn’t mean to cover the number of famous places. It means to feel the traveled place & being joyful even in missing few places.


Don’t travel to compare. Not with others not with yourself even.

As you’ll compare it with previous places or considering the bucket list.

Image result for travelling pics

Real Travelling (Image Source : Medium)

Travel to bring yourself back. Because the greatest feeling of traveling lies within you.

Not with reviews. Not with famous places. Not with filtered beautify so-called awesome selfies.

I’m appreciating your attention over here, mate!

Keep Spreading Wisdom :)

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Ayush Sinha  •  4y  •  Reply
I agree to your point of view.
Profile of Ayush Sinha
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Agree with your point of view
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Yay! I'm glad, you can relate that :)