Can The Government Be Blamed For Everything That Is Happening In India?

Kajal Singh
Oct 23, 2020   •  29 views

The government can be blamed for whatever is happening on a large scale in India; Not personal issues (obviously!) But all big issues. This is because this government has come on the basis that it will bring good days for all. The election manifesto that the BJP gave contained many promises. The government has also won several elections which gives it a big responsibility. In a democracy, we can be blamed for everything like our government, but it should not happen because some matters are really out of hand.

But in the Indian scenario, politicians (the government leading the charts) have made a lot of promises and have neglected to fully respond to real-world boundaries during elections, they have only asked for years, so its end In; It would be perfectly fair to blame them.

We appreciate less, we don’t even do what is needed and we criticize the most. The number of corona positive patients is increasing every single day, around 200 people are dying every day (according to the government stats, so many people are dying at homes and we don’t even have the records of those deaths.) We are blaming the government for not providing necessary healthcare services to the people, we say the lockdown is a failure, and we say the government did nothing. ! But what did we do? Before questioning the authorities, ask yourself if you did your part honestly? “Hum kya Kar sakte hain?” – is the most important question that we need to ask ourselves at this point.

The government trained you about how to keep yourself safe during the 4 lockdowns, now it’s our responsibility to make sure that we are safe and we keep the people around us safe. The lockdown cannot extend forever and the economy of our country needs to grow. Now it’s up to us if we beat Corona or let India become another.

Let us take the major and common problems facing India.

• Garbage: We eat chips/chocolate/snacks and throw away the plastic wrappers/bags randomly. If 60% of India’s population also stopped throwing garbage in inappropriate places, India would be clean in a very short time. All we need to do is separate the waste into dry and wet waste before handing it over to the garbage collector in our area. There are many NGOs working towards the garbage issue and all we have to do is to pay a small amount to the garbage collectors who come to our area/society etc. to collect garbage. The townships and large societies have everything but the problem is in areas where there are congested and small independent houses which we call street/mohalla etc..

• Plastic: Anything we buy from anywhere, we have to hand it in plastic bags. I bought a green pepper of 5 rupees from a roadside vegetable vendor and he gave me a plastic bag without even asking for it! Whether or not the plastic can be of recycled grade is the point to cease its use or at least reduce its use. We can demand a plastic bag only if we have no other option to demand paper / cloth bags / we shop every time.

• Traffic: Most of us have jumped the red signal at least once in our life or broken any other traffic rule just because we were in a hurry or for some other reasons. These traffic rules are there for a reason and the reason is our safety. We break traffic rules as if they were a burden on us and nothing for our good.

• Population: This may not be a problem at the micro level but is a serious problem at the macro level. With limited resources and a rapidly growing population, how do we expect the government to provide food, employment, clothing, and shelter to all? I am sure most readers are aware of birth control methods but we need to give information to those who are not aware. When India has reached a point where its resources are equal and not more than the needs of the economy, we can be called developed. Due to overpopulation and poor education facilities, we face the problem of unemployment which further increases the crime rate.

• Infrastructure: The government is doing its best to provide us with the right infrastructure. Whichever the ruling party is at the center or in the state, there has been adequate infrastructure development. As citizens of India, what we have done in the direction of infrastructure is seriously disappointing for us. We spit in the government office, tear down the seats of city buses, take our girlfriend’s name in trains, and make derogatory remarks in public toilets.

There are many obvious reasons for this to happen. I will try to establish some less obvious reasons. The play has a dynamic that has never happened in all history. There are essentially 4 (some say 6) different generations living on the planet concurrently (at least in more developed countries). This creates a lot of inter-generation friction.

Some of the older groups have a lot of money and are spending it on travel and luxurious living. Some have nothing. The younger generation, meanwhile, is struggling to get by.

Many young people are possibly living at home, while also living an expensive lifestyle personally. I am absolutely blown away by the order of living in society today.

Was it not for the AD MAD’s umbrella covering all of humanity, this situation would probably never have happened, because mankind would continue to battle and kill successive generations?

All of the above, along with an entitled group of octogenarians (who refuse to leave), who hold authority over the federal government, are useful (self-serving) by destroying their long-standing beliefs of ‘white male dominance’ Trying to keep the laws, created a very dire situation. Many families are not trying to leave anything for their children or grandchildren, but just get them to move out.

The bright side of all this is that we are not being killed by endless wars. Okay, some people are being killed by wars, but they are over there ‘and only provide an evening soap opera of human intrigue (sometimes referred to as the press, mainly digital). He has the urge to title scattered content in many media forms that no one has time to do it all.

Unemployment is clearly at an all-time low, but unemployment is possibly at an all-time high. We have many more options for communicating but not really! Why the hell don’t we whip up on either immigrants or governments when we are all reticent to look in the mirror and find out the real problem. I think the so-called, complaints with the government are just up in the air. Our real problem is that we mostly get screwed.