The Notion Of Gender Equality: A Fallacy

Shinjini Dey
May 31, 2019   •  107 views

"Gender equality"

Everyone is familiar with this notion, I suppose. So what does it mean? Gender equality is something when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society. Isn't that so? Most often people get confused with what gender equality actually means. Women often come to no good that "what men can, women can do better." So here I'll focus more on the fact that equality does not means sameness, apparently.

In my opinion, equality is that notion where there's simply no space for this belief that "we women are same as men." So you'll be thinking that if gender equality doesn't mean that he or she must be same or always want the same treatment in order to achieve justice, then what does it really mean?

It is something that sees all the genders as being of equal status and values. It doesn't view a person as superior or inferior, rather it is something that is based on a person's merit, which also includes Lesbians', gays', bisexuals' as well as transgenders'. You are not for gender equality if you look down on genders that are different from the male and female. If you call yourself a feminist, yet put down other genders apart from the female then I would say that this act would be just exact opposite of what you believe as gender equality.

Actually you see, the problem lies with the underlying beliefs which have shaped how equality is defined. If we believe in gender sameness, then we will start to expect that men and women should involve in same sort of activities, and that would result in a toxic competition with each other. If we as women believe that we are the same as men but excluded by them we will crave for what they've got.

Therefore, for me Equality is something that respects different choices, appreciates not just similarities but differences as well, and values them equally. Feminism does not mean to believe that females are the superior gender. No matter how much the women have been oppressed in the past, reacting as if you are predominant is not the way that shows you support gender equality. Inequality exists in our minds. As I said before, that it's a high time when one should promote Humanity, since every person should feel respected. Every gender should feel respected.



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Nicely done. Check out my wrytups too!
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This concept isn't that much talked about....well written👌👌