Have you noticed?

There are some things in life which we take for granted.

The things which according to us which don’t matter at all,

 Yes, those little things about which we don’t think about much often,

Those little things are gestures that we choose to ignore,

Those little things can make our days better,

The ones which can mend our souls,

Bring a relief to our aching heart,

The ones which can make up for our worst days,

And when taken for granted it can make our lives living hell.

Even after knowing it why do we ignore it?

Why are we so hell bound?

Through how many hell do we have to pass to realize that these things matter the most?

Or for us to take them seriously?

For us to make our lives better?

For not the words but the feelings behind them matters?

For not the grand gesture but for the little things that matter.