We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope - Martin Luther King Jr.

The world is going through a lot of crises, the people are suffering and there is a wave of sadness everywhere. The COVID-19 has taken up many lives and infected many and which is taking a toll on the physical as well as the mental health of people. The people and the authorities everyone everywhere is working their part to help end this pandemic, hence I too took upon myself to do a little part in that.

This particular write up is about the importance of hope in these troubled times. When there is darkness everywhere it is very essential to remember that it will pass, and not allow it to have an effect on the minds of people, thus the need for hope increases. HOPE is the one thing that will allow each of us to survive through these times. We should remember that everyone is troubled, some are stuck far from their homes, some have lost their loved ones, some are starving, each has his own problems.

This is the prime reason why is it much more important to make unconditional gestures of hope and love. Following the rules implied by the government and not losing hope, it is very essential to just smile and be for those who have no one.

Performing the little gestures just as checking on your friends and relatives whom you haven’t talked to, just dropping a text asking them how are they, smiling to your neighbors, having good family time, working on the passions and hobbies that have been gathering dust all those years is just a start.

Be sure to talk and express, it is agreed that it is not a productive race so don’t do anything just for the sake of doing, it is an opportunity through which you can grow. I can assure you that times are tough and not to sugar coat it, it will get tougher if you lose HOPE. So just smile, be happy, make these sweet little gestures and you will realize what can hope do for you as well as others.

Hope is the essential things that become strong when it is unified by the trust and support of those around you, while the media is giving the facts and reports of the pandemic it is creating a stressful environment that is hurting your mental health whether you may acknowledge it or not.

We should pray for those who are less fortunate because it is through tough times, the sufferings, and through pain which we learn a lot. I have recently explored self-help literature and in my next article, I will be focusing on the self-improvement that could be done during this lockdown. Also do drop me any suggestion or topic that you might want me to write on, until then be happy and hold unto the most important thing - HOPE.



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This is beautiful ❤️