Dear Dhruv

I don’t know if I love your character or it’s just what you bring alive on screen. Maybe that’s you or it’s just a fragment of your imagination and your creative splendor. But it was you who made me realize that geeks aren’t that bad after all.

All this while, the experience of cinema, web series, tv shows, they just gave out this feeling that all nerds are boring people to hang out with, forget date or fall in love with.

The intricacies of the character, the dialogues, the expression are spot-on. They make me fall in love with the Dhruv of little things. I am not one of those who would crush on every character, now and then. (Please forget Bunny from YDHD or Ryan from The Notebook or Leo in Titanic). I swear you’re different from all the crushes I have ever had.

You are one of those people who love, not fiercely but deeply. This is why we don’t see you performing feisty acts of heroism but little things of love. Like the time you cooked Kavu dinner when she came back, or when you got her a bus to Nagpur to see the doggo before it breathed its last, or the time you left her tea leaves for all occasions. I am not a surprise person really but if it led me to have someone like you, I would rather be one.

You sometimes hung up saying you were busy. But then you were also the first to call back to say sorry. You let Kavu breathe and not stifle her with your expectations. I know there were times when you wanted her to be around, call you or go out with you or just chill home-alone, and she just couldn’t make it.

But you never made her feel guilty. At least not so much that she did things for you out of the fear of not disappointing you again.

It is good to have a few expectations I guess, only if you say them out loud.

You’re so patient with all her tantrums and mood swings (not that she isn’t) and it never felt like you bore with it all. It seems effortless how you chide her one moment and then go all gentle and tender the other. Kavu felt like me sometimes, a little nagging a little over went, a little loud, a little imbecile, a little of so many things. And you were the other little that evened it out.

Thank god, she had your back and you had hers. This love story so different from the rest, had ‘little’ written all over it, something of all things. And I loved how you showed me through a love that wasn’t so heard. The not-so-cringe, not-so-mad, not-so-desperate kind. It was the sweet, candid, sane kind of love.
Here dates weren’t elaborately planned and live-in wasn’t all hunky-dory. Besides, the sex life was not unrealistically exciting and anniversaries were not a feisty affair. They were all imperfectly perfect. And that’s all you both wanted too I guess.

Thank you, Dhruv. You made me totally absolutely fully entirely completely believe something.

That maybe somewhere out there I am still to bump into my Dhruv who does little things for me and we have a little relationship and share a little life and do each others little things.

And that would be my love story.

Your obsessor


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